Wine Wednesday: Rosé Riots

Happy Wednesday out there! Since yesterday’s post focused on working out, I think it’s time for a little splurge today!


I’m hoping to make this a weekly post about some of my favorite wines. While we don’t purchase particularly expensive bottles, sometimes the opportunity arises to try something fancy, usually at a tasting or winery tour. And then sometimes most times, we’re just as excited to crack open a bottle from Trader Joe’s (#zeroshame).

However, I have to admit that I fully jumped on the rosé train this summer and I have not looked back since! It started when I tried a crisp, cold glass on a hot Saturday afternoon. The next day I picked up my own bottle and decided to do some research (via Buzzfeed, obviously) to help me zero in on what it is that I like.


I discovered that I am definitely more of an “Old World” Rosé fan, meaning I like the drier varieties. This makes sense since I’m not the biggest fan of sweet wines. This bottle of VieVite from the Côtes de Provence region in France was super light and refreshing, and it didn’t hang around too long 😉


I’ve found rosés from the Provence region the most appealing, but that’s just my preference! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this bottle before I gulped it down, but one reason I bought this particular one was because the bottle just caught my eye! I plan on soaking the labels off and using it as a flower vase. Luckily, the wine was just as delicious as it was pretty!

Cheers to Wednesday!

 Question for you: 

What wine has been speaking to you this summer?

5 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday: Rosé Riots

  1. Confession I have still been enjoying some reds this summer…some pretty awesome ones at that! Mostly Spanish ones like Tempranillo. I am also feeling Beringer’s Chenin Blanc…it is great with lighter dishes for dinner!


  2. As you know, I LOVE me some wine. This summer it has been all about anything crisp and cold. I’ve tried some fruit wines (watermelon, blueberry) but i found that towards the end of the bottle, they all started to taste the same. Could be because I drank the whole bottle, i’m not really sure. Looking forward to the fall and winter where my wine consumption kicks up.

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