You Mean I’ve Been Saying it Wrong this Whole Time?

Do you ever make up word pronunciations in your head and convince yourself you’re saying it the right way? I’m sure I do it all the time, but AJ and I had a recent revelation about the word “épicerie” that is still cracking us up. We’ve been boldly pronouncing it as epi-cure-ie, which given the fact that it’s not even an English word, I think we did a pretty good job sounding it out.



Well, apparently the correct pronunciation is: ay-peehs-ree.  It wasn’t until we were recently in France, walking by one of these food markets, (which, by the way, that’s when I learned what épicerie even means), that we heard our tour guide pronounce it. We immediately looked at each other burst out laughing; I don’t know how many people we’ve told about one of our favorite NYC spots, “Epi-cure-ie” Boulud!

Anyway, Epicerie Boulud (however you choose to say it) is a Daniel Boulud Upper West Side gem that I literally cannot get enough of! It’s a little bit market, a little bit take-out counter, and a little bit bar. It’s across the street from Lincoln Center, so we like to make an afternoon of it when we go to the nearby movie theater. If we’re being totally honest, AJ bribes me with it when he wants me to go to see some Avengers-type movie with him (it totally works).

Their bar menu has a Mediterranean vibe, which is right up my alley. Some of my favorite bites from here include the Marcona almonds, Iberico ham, and don’t even get me started on the ricotta cheese with honey and lemon zest. HEAVEN.  And it somehow never fails, after those goodies we’re always just a little bit hungry and find an order of (east coast) oysters in front of us.

We just went again because money apparently burns a hole in our pockets when it comes to good food, and we just couldn’t stay away.


I love going when the weather is nice because that means we can take a long, slow walk home to walk off the fancy French food, and that usually means a stroll through Central Park!

I’m going to be honest, for living pretty close to this park that is apparently larger than all of Monaco AND has a secret code in case you get lost (I do), AJ and I don’t take advantage of it anywhere near as much as we could or should. The good news is when I do go, I feel like I’m constantly exploring or finding something new!

Check out these shots I took from our latest walk – we found this awesome trail, which unfortunately led to a dead end, but regardless, it was pretty while it lasted!


And a sunbathing turtle! (Can you find him?)


TGIF! Go get yourself some fancy French food and enjoy a nice walk in a park 🙂


Question for you:

What are some of your favorite weekend activities?

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