My Big, Fat Greek Dinner

Guys, I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already, where does the weekend go?! One thing is for sure, I ate to my little heart’s content these past few days. I just got home from AJ’s cousin’s bridal shower on Long Island, it was such a fun day!

The bride looked beautiful and the surprise was a success! And to top it off, the shower was held at a Melting Pot restaurant…hello fondue! Anyone that knows me knows I ❤ cheese, so I was certainly in my element dipping bread pieces and veggies in the warm, gooey cheese dip all afternoon! 🙂

image1 (1)

However, there’s one place I wanted to tell you all about. Saturday night came and AJ and I were feeling a little Greek so we decided to try out Kefi, which is a Michael Psilakis restaurant on the Upper West Side. We recently saw Michael featured on a Food Network show, so we were anxious to stop by this restaurant!

We walked in and were greeted by a beautiful, spacious bar. I was ready to just sit there and eat dinner! AJ agreed, but then thought he might be too distracted by all the baseball games on TV, so we opted for a table. The rest of the ambiance was very cute as well. Casual, yet very “Greek” feeling. I loved the glass mosaic tiles on the walls!


The menu was slightly overwhelming, everything looked so good! Plus, we’re not that knowledgeable on Greek food, so we weren’t sure what we wanted. AJ finally decided on the branzino, and I opted for the shrimp, tomato, and feta orzo.


We also ordered the spread platter for 2, which included chickpea, tzatziki, eggplant, and tomato basil dips served with pitas.

FullSizeRender (4)

Everything was delicious! AJ cleaned his plate, and I’m looking forward to eating my leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

There was only one minor snafu, we were served our entrees before our appetizers came out. Really not a big deal though, and we ended up just enjoying everything together. Well, towards the end of our dinner the manager comes over and apologizes for the mix up and offers us another round of drinks! We were hardly going to refuse and so appreciated the gesture!


By the end of dinner, we were stuffed and couldn’t even look at dessert. Although, there was one dessert wine on the menu that caught AJ’s eye, so now we have another good reason to come back! Now…it’s time for some more vegetables in my belly.


Question for you:

What’s your favorite Greek dish?

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