Protein Packed Lunch

Happy Monday out there!

First of all, sorry if you follow the blog and got a notification that I posted some weird message earlier. I was trying to figure out how to embed a video into a post, and instead of hitting “save”, I hit “publish”! #newbieproblems #iclearlydidntfigureitout

old lady

Anyway, on to more important topics, like food. I was just not feeling lunch today. I’m not sure if it’s because of the near 100 degree temps in the city today or what, but nothing really stood out to me, and I forgot my tasty Greek leftovers at home! Boo 😦

I was tempted to get a smoothie, but I knew it probably wouldn’t be enough to hold me over until after the gym and grocery shopping this evening and I would just end up aimlessly wandering to the vending machine. Finally I popped into Pret a Manger to check out my options. I decided on a bit of a piecemeal, (but protein packed!) lunch.

I picked up a small chicken and edamame pot, drizzled with fresh lemon juice, and paid waaay too much for a bowl of berries. The strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries were super fresh and tasty, but this little cup was not worth the $5 I paid! A good reminder to add fresh berries to my Trader Joe’s shopping list tonight so I can BYOB(erries) the rest of the week. I also had some roasted almonds at my desk that I’ve been snacking on all day. 🙂


I love tapas-style meals. Sometimes a whole salad or sandwich is just too much to commit to, ya know? In addition to not going broke by paying $5 every time I have a mid-day fruit craving, this inspired me to refer to that handy-dandy website known as Pinterest and dust off some of those pins I’ve been “saving for later”.

I found the I Pack Lunch blog that has 12 Easy Work Lunch ideas that look so simple and delicious! I think I’m going to try out a bunch of these soon, particularly #2 (Breakfast Fried Rice) and #11 (Caprese & Chicken Salad).

Question for you:

I need more ideas…What’s your favorite bring-to-work lunch?

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