To the Moon and Back!

It’s Fridaaayyy! And I think it’s safe to say many of us are thrilled about that, I know I am 🙂

Given that the past couple nights I’ve been out past my bedtime (which is 10pm, sometimes 9…I know, super cool), I was in no big hurry to open my eyes when my alarm went off this morning. I decided to get in a morning workout before I even had time to think about it (and talk myself out of it!).

I did another 30-minute Nike Training Club routine. This time I went for the Razor Sharp program, which is part of the Get Lean (high interval cardio drills), Advanced level workout. When I finished, I found out I had unlocked a trophy for completing 2000 total minutes! That was some good motivation to kick off this Friday.

It's the little things :)
It’s the little things 🙂

I clearly worked up an appetite jumping all around my living room, so I decided to snack on some fresh blueberries while I figured out what I actually wanted to eat for breakfast.


While browsing my fridge, I came across some prosciutto and fresh mozzarella that AJ had bought earlier this week (the perks of marrying an Italian!), and decided to make myself the Italian version of a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich!

check out my super cute egg pan and spatula!

The finished product didn’t hang out on my plate for very long.


Last Night

So you might be wondering why I’ve been out past my 10pm bedtime the past 2 nights. I’ll tell you all about my Wednesday night plans during next week’s Wine Wednesday (hint), but if you follow my Instagram you saw last night was a movie night! 🙂


One of the many great things about NYC in the summer are the free movies that play all over…Bryant Park, Riverside Park, Union Square. Last night the Intrepid was showing Apollo 13 on the roof deck, so AJ and I picked up some sandwiches and made our way there after work.

Jeffrey Kluger wrote the book Apollo 13, (along with astronaut Jim Lovell, off of which this movie is based) and was there last night to give the opening remarks!

It was so interesting to learn about the research that went into writing the book and creating the movie, especially because growing up my family would frequently rent the VHS (!) and I loved it.


Hearing Jeff Kluger’s unique perspective on what these astronauts and their families went through made it that much more “real” for me. I think everyone else there felt the same way, as the action intensified, you could tell the audience was really getting into the story. I know I was on the edge of my seat blanket, and (spoiler alert) at the end when the astronauts finally landed in the Pacific Ocean, the whole place burst into applause!


I hope you all have a fun weekend planned, we’re almost there ladies and gents 🙂

Question for You:

What are some of your favorite summertime activities?

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