Paris is Always a Good Idea

As part of my half marathon training, I just went for a 10 mile run along my favorite route – the west side of Manhattan. It’s a beautiful day, and while this wasn’t my fastest run, my pace was steady and felt good to start getting into double digits! I focused on just doing it and feeling good, consistency pays off 🙂

While running, I was keeping my mind busy by reliving our European honeymoon. I can’t believe we’ve been back for a month already! Time really flies.

I thought it would be fun to share some of our highlights with you over the next few weeks. This was my first time in Europe, and we covered 6 cities in 3 countries over a course of 2 weeks, so I have much to share! Plus I thought this could be a fun place to keep ideas and recommendations. As I was planning for my trip, I loved reading about other people’s vacations and what they did, or didn’t love, so I hope you enjoy 🙂


First of all, can I get a shout out for our packing skills?! Yes, that’s 1 carry-on plus 1 bag, each.  All my clothes were rolled up so teeny tiny in there!

First stop…Paris! We took a redeye from NYC directly to Paris. I tried to sleep on the plane, and got in a few hours, thanks to this nifty eye mask they gave us.


We were only in Paris for 3 days, so we had to pack a lot in.

Paris – Day 1

After landing around 9am, we went right to our hotel to check in, change out of our travel clothes, and head out for our first tour of the trip, which was a free 2-hour Sandeman’s walking tour of the city and its history. Our guide was great, the tour was really interesting and a good way to kick off an introduction to the city.

Keep in mind though; I start to glaze over after about an hour into any tour, AJ on the other hand could tour from sun up to sun down! So it was really funny to try to find our couple touristy groove 🙂

That night we had what was probably the best meal of the whole trip at L’Oiseau Blanc in the Peninsula hotel. This restaurant claims to have the best views of the Eiffel Tower, and hello! Everything from the food, service, and views were incredible.  I have to give major props to that husband of mine for finding this place!

hello Eiffel Tower!

Paris – Day 2

Louvre at sunset
Louvre at sunset

This was a busy day! We kicked off the day with some croissants and cappuccino at our hotel, and then headed over to the Louvre for a couple hours. It was really cool to see all the amazing pieces of art and of course snap of pic of the (tiny!) Mona Lisa. After the Louvre, we walked through the Tuileries Gardens, got lost accidentally on purpose in the Saint Germaine neighborhood, and finally made it to the Eiffel Tower!

eiffel 2

Funny story of the day, remember how I said AJ can tour non-stop? His adrenaline just kicks in and the boy is on fire. By the time we started climbing the Eiffel Tower, he is bounding ahead of me and laughing at me bringing up the rear… I’m the one who runs races, and I can’t even keep up! Well, we finally made it to the top, and I will admit it was worth the hot climb.

eiffel tower
We decided to treat ourselves with a champagne toast at the top because #honeymoon!

After that, we had to rush back to our hotel to change and then head out to a nighttime bike tour! We were part of a group with a local guide; he took us around the city (slightly scary in rush hour!) and taught us about the history and different cultures of the neighborhoods. The tour included an hour-long boat ride along the Seine River…with wine! (my kinda tour 😉 ) And then we concluded at the Eiffel Tower around midnight. It was a ridiculously good deal (all that over 5 hours, for €32 per person!)


Paris – Day 3

I begged AJ to sleep in…we walked about 11 miles the day before, and then did the bike tour. It was so funny to look at our activity on the iphone Health app! I now had zero regrets for any food I planned to put into my belly. We started with an afternoon tour of Notre Dame, the history of this cathedral is so interesting! And the tour was only about an hour long, so I was doing good 🙂

notre dame

We then made our way for an early evening tour of Montmartre. Now, I had no idea what Montmartre was and when we got off the Metro, the first thing I saw was Moulin Rouge, and a bunch of strip clubs and “shops”. Needless to say, I gave AJ some serious side eye, with a, “where did you just bring me?” face. Well, wouldn’t you know that once you get past all that, Montmartre is the cutest Parisian neighborhood?

It’s where a lot of writers and artists live, and it’s on a hill overlooking the rest of the city. AJ and I decided that whenever we come back to Paris we’re staying here! We did (another) free walking tour of the area that ended at the Sacre Coeur cathedral.

Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur

After this, we worked up quite an appetite and stopped at this adorable restaurant that we passed earlier on our tour for some rosé, paté, and escargots…when in France, right? I loved it! The food was good and the place so cute and picturesque!

La Maison Rose
La Maison Rose


I compared the escargot to eating oysters…of the land. They tasted fine, a little earthy, but if I’m eating something chewy and raw, give me a oyster with some lemon!

I was feeling rejuvenated after the snails so on our way back to our hotel, we stopped at the Arc de Triomphe to quickly climb to the top and snap a few final pics of Paris!

That sums up Paris, Next stop…Bordeauxwine

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