Wine Wednesday: White Party

I’ve been so excited to tell you about my night last Wednesday…I had a girls night out at Chelsea Wine Vault for their White Party! I’m going to be completely honest, I was a little too busy tasting to take down many notes to share 😉 But I do have some favorites that stood out out to me!

I made a night of it with my sis-in-law, Alyssa, and AJ’s brother’s girlfriend, Jessica. The entire wine store was set up for this event, with multiple tasting tables scattered throughout.

Alyssa, Jess, & Me!
Alyssa, Jess, & Me!

We started by tasting some White Girl Rosé, and then made our presence known at the cheese and cracker table in between tastings.

white girl rose

One surprising standout for me was actually a Snowdrift Cornice Cider Washington NV. It tasted like fall in a glass, the apple flavor was prominent yet not overpowering, and just a little bit oaky.

Another favorite was this Calera Viognier Central Coast 2013. No one else really loved it, but I enjoyed the dryness of it, along with the notes of citrus and floral I picked up on (I actually surprised myself here by being able to identify some notable aromas!).


We continued eating cheese and tasting wines and before we knew it, we closed the place down! Literally everyone else had left and vendors were packing up their tables, and we’re still in the back stuffing our mouth with grapes and cheese and getting our final pours.

I love Chelsea Wine Vault because not only is it in Chelsea Market, which is a place I could spend hours in, they also have a great wine selection, and really awesome classes and events. We’re already talking about signing up for our next event! 😉


Question for you:

What’s your favorite white wine?

2 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday: White Party

  1. I definitely take after AJ on this one and am a fan of the sweeter whites! Tonight I am trying out a fun-named bottle of “Lobstah White”!


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