Best Pizzas in America

Good Morning!

I came across this meme yesterday and just had to laugh! As you know, these are some of my favorite workouts, and by no means am I a fitness expert, but I do enjoy sharing what works well for me. Hopefully you can take what you like and apply it to your own routines 🙂


I was back at it again this morning with another round of Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighslevel 2. Whew, burpees however, are not my favorite.

Anyway, I have something much more serious to discuss with you today.


You may or may not have seen the list of the 101 Best Pizzas in America 2015 that came out earlier this month, but us here in the Laferrera household certainly did.

Di Fara‘s in Brooklyn has to be the best pizza I’ve ever had. We used to live near Lombardi’s, which is a NYC classic and dubbed “America’s First Pizzeria”. This list even gives a shout out to my Northeast Pennsylvania roots!

But after reading this review and drooling over the menu, my pizza-loving husband and his equally obsessed wife decided to make our way to Rubirosa Ristorante last night.

We started with the Stuffed Artichoke…


It was so delicious that I burnt the roof of my mouth a little bit and didn’t even care.

And then we moved on to a large pie – half Classic (tomato sauce / fresh mozzarella) and the other half Vodka (vodka sauce / fresh mozzarella)…

classic on the left / vodka on the right

The crust was super thin and the flavors were so rich and savory. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the vodka sauce half, except that it sounded fantastic. I thought the flavors were both distinctive, yet subtle enough not to be overwhelming. I may have gotten into a left over slice this morning as a “breakfast appetizer”.

After dinner we meandered on over to one of our absolute favorite spots in Little Italy, the Café’tal Social Club for a nightcap! We’re looking forward to heading back here for dinner on Monday night – stay tuned for that 🙂


My overall thoughts on last night’s dinner?

this was also our wedding song, but applies here too

Question for you:

What kind of Pizza are you?

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