A New Jersey Birthday

Happy Sunday readers! I hope you are all having a fantastic day. I had mentioned yesterday that I’ve been poolside this weekend, and that’s because we’re in New Jersey celebrating AJ’s birthday (which is today!) at his parent’s house. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and it’s always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city from time to time.

On Friday night we were treated to a delicious dinner prepared by my father-in-law. The meal started with a homegrown fresh tomato, chopped red onion, and basil salad drizzled with olive oil and red wine vinegar (which looked so good, I forgot to snap a pic before eating it all!).

The first course was followed by Capellini in a fresh plum tomato sauce with lump crab meat, topped with crab claws. Crab is one of my favorite seafoods, so seconds definitely made their way to my plate.


the chef!

Later that evening we dug into dessert which was a ricotta cheese (fresh from a local cheese guy) topped with diced peaches, sliced almonds and drizzled with honey and an almond reduction. Yum!


I started the day on Saturday with a 7-mile run around a nearby reservoir. It was a beautiful country route, a nice change of pace! Plus, it’s always fun to run somewhere new, I’m so used to my route in NYC that I know exactly when I’m going to hit my mile marks, this time it was more of a surprise each time I checked off a mile that it made the run go by that much faster. There were some killer hills though!


We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool sipping prosecco and catching up with our good friends Steve and Carlyn who popped by to say hi to the birthday boy! We then made our way to a hibachi dinner at Shogun 22. I was in love with my scallop dinner and everyone else enjoyed their steak & chicken combo dish.

The boys decided to let loose and order some rainbow cocktails to accompany their meals!


Steve has the Victoria’s Secret, AJ is indulging in the Blue Lagoon – yes, these are high school football state champs. Haha love this!

Today was another pool day with some fresh east and west coast oysters and smoked brisket for lunch. We topped it off with a Carvel birthday cake for dessert.

We also got to spend some time with this little dude, the one and only Teddy! The Ted-ster is my in-law’s 6 month old Lakeland Terrier, who is just as nutty as he is cute! He’s slowly turning me into a dog person each time we get to hang out. His favorite activities include swimming, chasing the garden hose, and licking the sunblock off your legs.


What a relaxing weekend, it makes it hard to get back to the grind tomorrow, but for now…

Happiest of birthdays to my most favorite guy! 

aj bday

aj bday 6

aj bday 7

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