Treadmill Tuesdays: Arms, Shoulders, and an Asics Sample Sale!

Hello Hello!

I wanted to share a little Arm Circuit Workout I put together! I’ve been talking a lot about my running and focusing on my lower body, but I don’t want to forget about my arms either. After all, with the NYC weather forecast (90 degrees today!), I’m sure I won’t be covering them up with sweaters anytime soon.


I complete below circuits 1, 2, and 4 with 10-pound dumbbells. (Of course, I’m no doctor or certified trainer, so just use what works best for your arms!)

arm & shoulder workout

So, want to know what I’m spending my money on today? 

During my past few runs I’ve realized that it’s probably time to purchase a new pair of running shoes. I’ve had my current pair for several months now and I’m just starting to feel a slight ache or fatigue in my feet on my longer runs – that’s always when I know it’s time to invest in a new pair!

I love Asics, they just seem to work best with my flat feet. I’ve gone to running stores, talked to the consultants, hopped on a treadmill there with different shoes while they videotaped my strides, and keep coming back to this brand. Hey, gotta go with what feels best on those feet of yours, right?

I was just about to bite the bullet and head to Foot Locker or an Asics store to buy a new pair when I got a glorious email. There’s an Asics Sample Sale going on near my office this week! (Check it out if you’re in the NYC area and love Asics too!)

Last time I went to one, I purchased a pair of $150 sneaks for $60! All because they were an older style…pshhh. I still loved them. So I’m headed back there today over lunch to see if I could find something that strikes my fancy. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

Question for you:

What running shoe works best for you?

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