Okay, so far I’ve told you guys about our time in Paris, Bordeaux, and Pamplona. This brings me to week two of the honeymoon – Italy!

We kicked off our week in this country by spending about a day and a half in Milan. We chose Milan because it made the most sense logistically, and I was excited to check it out! When we arrived and found our way to our hotel, we were still pretty exhausted from our Pamplona trip, so we checked in, went out for pizza and wine nearby, and then passed right out.

The next morning we woke up and got ready at a leisurely pace. The funky European outlets shorted out my travel hairdryer (actually my sister’s travel hairdryer that I borrowed, oops!). But the good news is, I got to dry my hair with this contraption from, I don’t know, 1970?


By the time I figured that all out and we left our hotel, I was definitely hungry so I made food a first priority, and we stopped for paninis and cappuccinos and LOTS of water. It was hot and we were thirsty.

milan 1
first cappuccino in Italy

We only had one snag on this portion of the trip. We had a tour of the Duomo and The Last Supper painting scheduled and the company cancelled it last minute. This was a total bummer because you can’t get in to see The Last Supper without booking in advance. (So now we have a reason to come back to Milan.)

Because that fell through, we booked a tour of the Teatro alla Scalla, one of the most famous Opera Houses in the world. It was beautiful inside, and we decided we have another reason to come back to Milan – to come see a show!

milan 5

milan 4

We then bought tickets to do a self-guided tour of the Duomo. Whoa, let me tell you about this church. Notre Dame in Paris was beautiful with old history and stunning architecture, when we got to Rome I was so impressed with St. Peter’s and all of Vatican City, but the Duomo is where it’s at.

milan 2

I feel like this picture doesn’t even do this beautiful cathedral justice. Even though it was HOT out, we climbed to the roof, and I’m so happy we did. The views were stunning.


milan 6

We then took a tour of the Duomo museum, which was pretty interesting. There were a lot of old artifacts and artwork, and we learned history of the building and the church at various times.

After that, we headed into a Leonardo Di Vinci exhibit (not including The Last Supper, womp). And to be honest, I thought this was kind of a snooze fest and my feet were just done for the day. AJ enjoyed it though, so we made our way through and I could not be happier when we reached the end! We had dinner at the restaurant in our hotel that night and then called it a day.

The next afternoon we head to Cinque Terre – the beach! Where AJ’s wedding ring took a little swim of its own…

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