Halfs: Marathons and Anniversaries

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you all have been enjoying this lovely weekend.

For me, yesterday consisted of cleaning the apartment, organizing my closet and a trip to my favorite…HomeGoods! I found the perfect large basket for all our throw blankets that have previously been piled in a corner in our living room.


I also picked up two throw pillows for our all-white bed…it’s been bothering me so much, I needed to give it a pop of color.And of course no trip to HG would be complete without candles! I got 2 orange pillar candles for candle sticks and an incredible smelling Apple Yankee Candle. I threw up some other decorations and fall, I am ready for you! (More pics to come!)


Now, off to some serious business, today was the day! The Newport Liberty Half Marathon was this morning and it was awesome!

I put my new shirt to use that reads, “I only run half marathons, I’m lazy like that!” 

I love it because while I give major props to all you 26.2 marathon runners out there, and hope to complete at least one myself, this shirt is a good reminder to me that 13.1 is nothing to sneeze at either!

(Also, this is why I don’t take selfies – where am I supposed to even look? And then the writing on the shirt is backwards in the mirror – this is just way too complicated…)


I only stopped once halfway through to get these 2 photos of the view. Hello Lady Liberty and downtown Manhattan!



By the last couple miles, I was still going pretty strong, but I was ready to be finished and find some snacks! PS – I am in love with my fun pants too, from Fabletics!


A huge thank you to my fan group at the finish line! Knowing they were waiting for me was the reason for the huge smile on my face as I crossed that line 🙂

Nikki, AJ, (Teddy), Me, Alyssa, and Nick

I was tired, but we made our way home where I showered and then went out for the real motivation behind finishing this run….a big plate o’wings! (And then promptly home for a nap.)



It was only fitting that the race was through the streets of Jersey City because today AJ and I have been married for 6 months! I ran right by our wedding venue along the water, the gorgeous Liberty House Restaurantit was so much fun to reminisce! However, the weather today was slightly better than March 20…


I had the best girls with me that day, I couldn’t have asked for a better bridal party ❤


I love this photo, I have no idea what we were laughing at during the ceremony, but it had to be good!


It’s official! Can’t wait to get this photo framed and put up in our apartment.


Our first dance…


And I was obsessed with our Cake Boss cake! (Fish topper in honor of AJ’s multiple fish tanks around our apartment and at the office…it’s his thing…)


I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months, can’t wait to see what the next 6 have to bring! DSC_0794

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