Making Mondays Better

Sunday Scaries, Sunday Blues…whatever you call them, they all mean one thing, Monday is right around the corner and that usually stinks. But why should it? Yes, Monday typically means the start of the work week and everyone is a little bit grumpy about that. I get overwhelmed thinking about all I have to do at work, around the house, and just the fact that there are 5 whole days until I can have another full day to myself.


I recently found this article, 20 Things You Can Do to Make Mondays Suck Lessand thought it did a fantastic job laying out ideas to help making Mondays a little more exciting. I wanted to share some of my favorites today πŸ™‚

  • Don’t clean out the DVR over the weekend. Leave a show or two un-watched so you can look forward to Monday night’s TV session.

I love this tip, especially now that Fall tv shows are back! It’s so nice to realize you have a relaxing night ahead with some of your favorite shows to catch up on!

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Yes. There’s nothing worse than starting off the week already exhausted…how can you possibly be productive then? I know I can’t!

  • Plan a standing date with friends on Monday nights, like trivia night or a potluck dinner. It’s like creating an extended weekend β€” and a good reason to look forward to Mondays.

When AJ and I first started dating sometimes we would have dates planned for Mondays after work, I couldn’t wait for those nights, and work didn’t even phase me. Even if you don’t have date nights on Monday, it’s always nice to see friends or have fun plans to get you through the day.

  • Get in 30 minutes of activity Monday morning. Take a walk, do some jumping jacks β€” anything to get your blood flowing.

I struggle with this one…Monday mornings seem like the perfect opportunity to skip that early morning workout! But…when I do get in a Monday morning sweat session, I am noticeably more productive and pleasant…go figure.

  • Wear something that sparks joy. Dress up in your favorite clothes or accessories and feel like a million bucks all day.

As a bit of a clothes fiend, putting on a fun outfit or something I love totally helps my mood!

  • Add a Monday quirk to your routine. Top off your morning coffee with whipped cream. Use the good plates for breakfast.

Because why not?

  • Make a conscious effort to not complain. By complaining about the Monday blues, you’re magnifying the suckiness. Mind over matter, right? Decide to participate in a one-person “No Bitching and Moaning Monday” project and stop giving yourself a pass to make Mondays unhappy.

Eeek…this one is easier said than done, but it definitely is mind over matter – so why not just try to forget about the fact that it’s Monday and Monday’s are supposed to suck, and find little things to make you happy throughout the day? I’ll try to work on this too…

And if all else fails, just remember:

(and wine!)

So HAPPY Monday friends, make it a good day!

How About You?

What tips do you have to make Mondays less sucky?

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