NYC Weekend Restaurant Recs…and a Pope!

Sunday night, how did you get here so fast? I can’t really complain though, this weekend felt longer than normal thanks in part to the Pope being in town. He was set to perform Mass at Madison Square Garden Friday evening, and since my office is right in that vicinity, we were highly encouraged to work from home on Friday. Okie doke.


Pope Francis was expected to take his ride through Central Park at 5pm on Friday, so we decided to try to catch him as he was leaving the park on his way to MSG, I headed to Columbus Circle with AJ and his brother and sister around 4:30, I was doubtful we would see him because hello crowds. But wouldn’t you know it, we got right up to the front of 59th street. And sure enough, around 5:30 he drove by in his Fiat!


Following our Pope sighting, AJ, Alyssa, and I decided to take a leisurely walk through the park. Because much of it was closed that day, we were able to experience the rare occasion of a mostly empty Central Park! By the time we finally meandered home, we had walked over 5 miles.


Belvedere Castle
Belvedere Castle


Saturday started with a morning 5 mile run followed by some light house cleaning.

However, I was looking forward to tonight’s dinner all week. AJ and I decided to head down to one of our favorite SoHo restaurants – Boqueria! This could be the best Spanish tapas restaurant in the city, and every time we go we request to sit at the bar in the back which directly overlooks the kitchen. It’s so much fun to watch all the dishes being made, sometimes it encourages us to order something out of our comfort zone, but we have our favorites and it’s hard to stray from them!


Last night’s dinner consisted of:

Croquetas Cremosas (serano ham & mushroom croquettes)


Grilled maiz with a lime and cheese dressing


Patatas Bravas and Gambas al Ajillo


We ended the night with an order of the Shishito peppers (disappointing! A few of the peppers were SO HOT, that I thought my mouth was on fire…good thing we had some patatas bravas left for me to dull the pain!) and another order of mushroom croquettes because #amazeballs.


We kicked off today with church followed by brunch at another favorite spot – Tarallucci e Vino! (Clearly we stink at branching out and trying new places.)

Whenever I go to brunch I always look at the French toast, but opt for an egg dish instead. This time I made a game-time decision to order the French toast and oh baby, that’s all I have to say about that.


Apple, Walnut, Marscapone, Maple Syrup French toast = Fall on a plate.

AJ went with the Bacon Quiche, which was delicious (that’s my usual go-to here), but he was disappointed because he had his heart set on the Polenta e Uova (poached eggs, polenta cake, prosciutto, pecorino cream), and it wasn’t on the new menu! Fingers crossed that they’re bring it back because that dish is a winner (please?!).

I went for a haircut after brunch and the rest of the day was spent watching football (AJ) and Real Housewives (Jamie).

Be sure to check out yesterday’s post on Making Monday’s Better because Mondays = yuck.

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