Wine Wednesday: Trader Joe’s Three Buck Chuck

Happy Wednesday friends, you know what that means – it’s time to talk wine 🙂

Everyone who has shopped in the Trader Joe’s Wine Shop cannot miss the wall of Charles Shaw, and I will usually throw a bottle or two in my cart to just round things out. I mean, if it tastes absolutely disgusting, I can just use it for cooking, or for $3, just throw it out. (Who throws out wine though? I’m sure I would find some other creative use for it!)

leftover wine

I recently came across this article WE MADE A SOMMELIER TASTE ALL THE TRADER JOE’S TWO BUCK CHUCK (it’s a little old, TJ’s house wine is now up to $2.99/bottle, but anyhoo…same dif.), and I thought it was awesome! I loved how the author got the opinion of both a fancy sommelier and his girlfriend…two important palates to asses!

Some highlights from the article:

  • White Zinfandel received a vote of a 1 (but hardly), which I have to agree with without ever even tasting this brand. White Zinfandel is basically fake, and just no.
  • Nouveau received a 3. I have tried this wine and was confused as to what I was actually drinking. It was definitely super sugary and sweet, I might not have even finished the bottle (gasp). Do not waste your hard earned $3 on this one either.
  • Pinot Grigio got a 6. I would say, if I’m going to buy a white 3 Buck Chuck, I’m reaching for the Pinot. I’m not the biggest fan of Chardonnay (especially if it’s $3, however, I have been turned on to the more expensive bottles…go figure), and their Sauvignon Blanc is pretty…meh.
  • Merlot was rated highest with the score of an 8. I have no qualms with this, it’s hard to mess up a Merlot, and this one is actually pretty easy to drink.

AJ and I once did a wine and cheese tasting at the Joseph Phelps Vineyards in Napa (highly recommend!) and we asked our sommelier his opinion of the 3 Buck Chuck. While this wine isn’t going to be receiving any major awards, he went on to say some of it isn’t half bad, especially if you’re pairing it with food. He continued that if he was to drink one, he would choose the Charles Shaw Shiraz. Well, because I’m fancy too, this is the bottle I will reach for whenever I’m looking to fill up my wine cart! The article gave this pick a 7.75, so looks like they also agree.


How About You?

What’s your favorite 3 Buck Chuck variety? Or do you stay away from this completely and reach for the fancy $4 or $5 bottles?

3 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday: Trader Joe’s Three Buck Chuck

  1. Love trader joes, but none close…..soooo next time I do go, I’ll be sure to add the Charles Shaw Shiraz to my cart….thanks!


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