Treadmill Tuesdays: 35-Minute Treadmill Interval with a Sneaky Incline!

Confession: I haven’t done much running since my half marathon in September. I’ve gone on a couple 5 mile runs here and there. (And by a couple, I mean 1, maybe 2?) But truthfully I was getting a little bored/burnt out from running, so I’ve been happy to take a break and focus on some other strength training workouts.


However, I feel like I need some cardio back in my life so I put together this 35-Minute Treadmill Routine to share with you, plus I added a sneaky 5 minute incline interval at the end for one final push!


End this workout with a quick arm circuit (like this one!) if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, or head to the kitchen to whip up this tasty Chocolate-Vanilla Protein Smoothie as a post-workout snack!


Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! 🙂

How About You?

What workout have you gotten in today?

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