Saturday Shenanigans

Wozers is it chilly this morning. I just got back from an early morning run and thankfully I made sure to bundle up. I know we’re in for much colder temperatures in the months ahead, but I think my body has an extra hard time adjusting to the changing brisk fall temps.

I followed up my run with a simple protein shake – vanilla almond milk with blueberries & cream protein powder.


Some of you may know that You’ve Got Mail is my all-time favorite movie. A handsome Tom Hanks, a super cute Meg Ryan, New York City, the 1990s. Watching the movie makes me feel happy, nostalgic, and completely in love with this city. I’m not ashamed to admit that it is also a major reason why I live on the Upper West Side.

I am also not ashamed to admit that I may have mapped out all the movie locations, (or rather this post on Buzzfeed did) and we are going to do our own tour of them today! It’s really just a fun way to wander around the neighborhood on a crisp fall afternoon 🙂

you've got mail

I’ll share our stops and pictures with you on Monday! Have a great Saturday!

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