Treadmill Tuesdays: Toned Legs and a Nostalgic Lunch

I’ve decided to focus more on working out my legs this week and let me tell you, they have become acutely aware of this decision. While fitting in a few days of running each week, I tend to forget to focus specifically on leg strength training. Yes, they get worked out when I’m jumping around to a Jillian Michaels DVD or doing a full body Nike Training Club workout, but they’re not the focus.

I added weights to personalize this Nike Training Club Leaner Legs 15-minute workout that made my inner thighs burn today.

leaner legs

The best part is, I did it right in my living room while watching TV. Can’t get much more convenient than that!

A Nostalgic Lunch 

In other news, I’ve really been trying to get better at packing a lunch for work every day. The nearby take out options have started to bore me, plus paying New York City prices for lunch every day can really add up. Oddly, I have been seriously craving a good old-fashioned PB&J these last few weeks!


I decided to be somewhat adventurous and opt for almond butter (another Trader Joe’s find!) instead of the always delicious peanut butter. I like it! It tastes a bit less processed and more natural than the jar of Jif, and it pairs really well with the strawberry jelly. I guess this makes it an AB&J sandwich?

I also packed some string cheese and a teeny plum. Not pictured is the last of my roasted pumpkin seeds that I finished off as a mid-morning snack.

While packing my brown bag, I felt very 1995. All that was missing was my plastic lunchbox and my Baby-Sitters Club book.


How About You?

What’s your typical mid-week lunch?

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