5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend

Saturday mornings are one of my favorite times of the week. I love the early morning quiet, being up before most of the city, and having the entire day in front of me. Monday seems to come way too fast and I’m often left looking back on the weekend like, where did you go?

I thought I’d share 5 ways I try to make the most of my weekends:

  1. Make Plans – I love having something fun planned for the weekend. It could be simple like a trip to HomeGoods, brunch with friends, having a fun date night to look forward to, or even a little weekend getaway. As much as I love the weekend normally, it’s even more exciting to know there’s something fun on my calendar.

making plans

  1. Schedule some “Me” Time – Busy weekends can be great if they’re filled with the right activities, but being too busy often leaves me needing another day off by the time Monday rolls around. Kind of like needing a vacation from your vacation. If we have a busy Saturday I try to take advantage of Sunday afternoons, particularly if AJ’s watching football. I’ll use that time to read or mindlessly watch some Real Housewives on Bravo. This “me” time helps get me centered and prepared for the busy week ahead.


  1. Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol – Sure, there will be weekends where you have a big celebration with friends (wedding, bachelorette, birthday parties) where imbibing in more adult beverages than normal just happens. But those low-key weekends of catching up on life around the house and casually meeting up with friends doesn’t have to be cray. Monday is going to feel a whole lot worse with a nasty hangover. So absolutely enjoy that glass (or 2) of wine with dinner, and definitely relish those bottomless mimosas at brunch, but try to avoid turning your whole weekend into a booze-fest. Especially if you’re anywhere near 30, no one has time for those multi-day hangovers.

drinking wine

  1. Do Something Productive – I love it when I feel accomplished on weekends. Whether I do a deep apartment clean or working on a project I’ve meaning to do. (Like putting together our wedding photo album, yikes…I should do that.) It’s important not to put off your “life” to-do lists, even when the work to-do’s are piling up. Work will always be there, but don’t miss out on doing something you’ve really wanted to do for yourself or your family.


  1. Try Something New – My week days are full of routines. I’ll wake up, workout, go to work, come home, make dinner, do the dishes, relax (aka fall asleep on the couch), and do it all over again. Don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me happier during the week than those evenings of making dinner and watching our favorite TV shows, but it’s also easy to get into a rut. Take advantage of your free days to try that complicated looking recipe you found on Pinterest, take a class (I have been dying to try Trapeze along the Hudson River!), or explore a part of your neighborhood or town you’re not familiar with. Spice things up a little bit, that way you’ll have something to make you smile when you’re getting overwhelmed during the work week.


On that note, I’m off for a run followed by a family brunch! 🙂 Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

brunch because mimosas

How About You?

How do you make the most of your weekends?

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