The Bike Ride

Happy Monday Friends! I’ll tell you what; this weekend was lots of fun and as per usual, went way too fast!

I started Saturday with a chilly early morning 5-mile run that felt awesome. I hurried home to get ready before heading out to a family brunch.  I love days like this! We headed down to my old neighborhood, the Lower East Side to meet up with AJ’s sister Alyssa and her boyfriend Nick, and AJ’s brother Justin and his girlfriend Jess at Claw Daddy’s. We started with a round of cocktails and I was shocked when my Bloody Mary came out in a pouch – an adult capri sun!


For our meals, I went with the crab roll, which was very pretty tasty. AJ was all about ordering a shrimp po’ boy, and we couldn’t stay away from a side of mac & cheese.


After brunch we made our way to Two-Bits Retro Arcade – a barcade on Essex Street. The boys played video games while us girls sat around chatting.


Once the boys ran out of quarters we left and walked around before heading to Stay Classy New York, which is, get this, a Will Ferrell themed bar in the Lower East Side!



It recently opened right around the corner from my old apartment. We got there right when it opened around 4pm, and it quickly filled up. We actually didn’t order any drinks, but it was fun to check out, we’ll be back! In keeping with the theme, AJ and I decided to head home and watch Stepbrothers. 


The ride home. So ever since NYC got Citi Bike, a community bike sharing system, AJ has wanted to try it. Whenever we’re out and about and AJ suggests it, I’m usually wearing a dress or the wrong shoes so we never got around to it. Fortunately (???) yesterday I was wearing jeans and sneakers, so I didn’t have much of an excuse.

Let me just give some context, biking is not my strength, or rather, I just don’t love it. Yes, yes of course I’m fine riding a bike, but I get totally freaked out when I have to do in traffic.  Plus, I just don’t ride a bike that often! A few years ago, I fell off my bike and scraped my knee while at the Jersey Shore (I swerved to miss a parked car). I rode bikes in San Francisco (across the Golden Gate bridge) and Paris (but I was all like, this is so European, I can do this) without incident, but truthfully I’m just never that comfortable with it on city streets.


An hour and a half and one episode of me falling later, we made it home. Backing up. The bike ride was fine, particularly once we made it to the west side highway and were off the streets and on the biking/running path, but I was kinda over it already.

Then, when we were less than 20 blocks from home, we stopped where the path split and were debating which way to go. I don’t even know how it happened, somehow I tried to hop back on my bike, (which to my defense, was a little big for me), to turn around and I ended up falling flat on my back. Aaaaand cue the tears. And me being one thousand percent over this.

I sucked it up for the last leg of the trip and for being a good sport AJ bought me an Egg, Gruyere, and Ham crepe from Vive La Crepe before I poured myself a big glass of red wine and watching Stepbrothers from the safety of my couch.

I wish I had more to write about Sunday, but it was really a day full of binge watching Law & Order: SVU. I knew I was sucked in from the moment I put it on in the morning. I ❤ Olivia Benson.


I stopped long enough to order Chinese for dinner and turn on our Sunday night shows – Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Last Man on Earth. I now have super swollen fingers from apparently all the salt I consumed this weekend – time for some water!


And that wraps up the weekend, hope you all have a fantastic day! 🙂

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