Wine Wednesday: Red Wine and Coca-Cola

Guys, have you ever tried a Kalimotxo? (The ‘tx’ is prounched as ‘ch’: Cali-mocho). As you might be able to guess from the spelling and pronunciation, it’s associated with the Basque region.

According to my Wikipedia research, this drink originated in the 1970’s. Tale has it, a couple of bartenders noticed the wine they brought to a street festival was bad, so they wanted to add something to cover the bitter taste.

This modern drink also has many different names – Rioja Libre, Jote, and quite appropriately, the Poor Man’s Sangria. Serving styles depend on the culture in which it is served, but breaking it down, this drink is essentially equal parts red wine and coca-cola served over ice.


I just don’t know? I kept reading reviews online that state it’s delicious, but the wine lover in me thinks it sounds a bit strange. Why cover up the taste of good red wine? (However, maybe I’m on to a party idea with some Trader Joe’s 3 Buck Chuck?) I wish I thought to try this drink while in San Sebastian and Pamplona over the summer!

There was only one thing to do. On my way home last night I decided to pick up a can of coca-cola and give it a go with some leftover Chianti.


My thoughts? It kind of tasted like a dive bar. I know, that’s a super weird description. When I told that to AJ, he’s like, “What does that even mean?” He then took a sip and said, “Okay, I get what you’re saying.” It’s kind of sweet, kind of not, and definitely tasted better once the ice melted a bit.

So, no, I will not be making this my new drink of choice (I’ll stick with my vino, straight up, please and thank you). But perhaps this is not a bad idea if you have some cheap wine to stretch and non-picky drinkers. 🙂


How About You?

Have you ever tried a Kalimotxo? What were your thoughts?

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