5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

5 easy ways to drink more water

We all know we should drink more water. Staying hydrated clears up your skin by flushing toxins from your body, helps with weight loss and control by making you “feel full”, and keeps your body’s fluid balance in check, which helps with functions such as temperature and digestion.

But, we also know it’s not always that easy. Here are my 5 tips to staying hydrated and keeping that water bottle full. (And yes, you will have to pee more often, that’s just how this works.)

1. Make it fun. When I’m really thirsty on a hot day or after an intense workout, nothing tastes better than a big glass of cool, plain water. But, during the work day or when I sitting down with dinner, plain water can be so boring. Spruce it up by buying an infuser water bottle or pitcher to add your own flavors (I love adding lemon and lime), or splurge on some flavored sparkling waters (I love my Trader Joe’s sparking waters, and they are best deal around town!)

2. Go Digital. Welcome to the 21st Century. Apparently there are apps that can help you track your intake and set reminders such as Waterlogged or Water Your Body. Don’t feel like getting all fancy with an app? Just set periodic reminders on your phone to refill your water bottle.

3. Chew on it. Remember, water can be found in more than just beverages, so if you really can’t stand to drink another glass, try eating some watermelon, celery, or cucumbers to stay hydrated!

4. Make it a habit. Every time you get up from your desk for a bathroom break; stop by the water fountain to refill your bottle. Or, make it a point to drink a glass of water before you hop in the shower every day. You’ll start to make the association between doing these activities and drinking your water.

5. Get Competitive. You can do this with yourself, or with others! Set a daily goal to drink 64 ounces and keep track of your progress. Want to be held accountable? Recruit a friend to get in on the challenge with you. Get competitive with each other and set a goal for the week or the month. The person who drinks the least has to buy the other a round of drinks or dinner next time you’re out.

How About You?

What are your tips for staying hydrated?

5 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

  1. Similar to your last point – at work I have two people who are my “water buddies”. Every time one of us runs out of water, we have the other two take a trip to the pantry to fill up our waters. I find that the hardest part of staying hydrated at work is not wanting to get up from my desk to refill my water. Having a buddy to remind you, go with you, make you drink more frequently is helpful for me!

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