Treadmill Tuesdays: Painfully Low Motivation

I do not feel like working out today (and I’m saying this in my whiniest/poutiest voice). You would think I would be itching to get to the gym because this morning was just one of those days where I woke up feeling large and in charge.


But my motivation is still pretty low. My thought process has been: It’s a beautiful day and I should go for a run outside. But I know if I first head home after work, I’m not leaving the couch. Plus, it’ll be dark out soon. It’s probably not a good idea to run in the dark.

Then I saw this on Pinterest and was like, craaap. 


So before I can talk myself out of it, I might as well just head to the gym and do a quick but sweaty treadmill session to burn off some of this stress and make my gym time worthwhile.

Shout out to this 40 Minute, 4 Mile treadmill routine from Iowa Girl Eats! I love her blog, and find myself referring to her treadmill workouts a lot. This is one of my go-to’s when I want to get in some sweaty miles, and the intervals keep it interesting enough so I don’t die a slow death of treadmill boredom.

4-mile workout

I’m off to run this out before heading home for dinner. Sorry this is such a short one today, but it’s a busy Tuesday over here. I hope you’re having a great day! 🙂

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