TV binges, Fancy Dresses, Bacon, and a Puppy

A week later and this getting dark by 5pm thing is still throwing me off. I’m basically ready for bed at 6:00 in the evening. I’ll push through though, and try to stay awake a few more hours. I hope you all had a great weekend, for me it’s been a little bit productive and (maybe more than) a little bit lazy, ever have those?

Friday Night

AJ had a bachelor party in the city after work on Friday, so that meant a “Jamie night” for me! Sometimes it’s nice to have that alone time, especially when you can use it to unwind from the week. I debated getting Chipotle or some other take out for dinner, but ultimately decided to get fancy with a box of Deluxe Mac and Cheese with a side of broccoli (because #healthy).


I cracked open a delicious Pinot Noir, swapped out The Proposal to binge watch 5 or 6 episodes of Nashville that I had DVR’d and didn’t get off the couch until I went to bed after midnight…say what!? When did I become such a night owl?

It wasn’t a completely unproductive night, however, I finally decided on a Rent the Runway dress to wear to a wedding next weekend! If you’ve never heard of RTR, you gotta check it out – this website allows you to rent designer dresses for a fraction of the cost. The dress I chose is a Halston Heritage dress that retails for $475, and I was able to rent it for $30! Plus, I had a 20% off discount since it was my first rental.

Even though this was my first time renting a dress online, it wasn’t my first experience with RTR. Earlier this year, they had a sample sale in NYC and I ended up purchasing a $1,000 Badgley Mischka dress for $60, pictured here:


Of course I’m a little nervous about counting on a new dress for next weekend without first trying it on, but fortunately RTR sends you a free 2nd size with your order, so I should be good! The dress is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but that’s the fun of renting, right? I’m excited to share my review and pictures with you next week 🙂


I started Saturday with a 6 mile run, it was so warm out and the run felt amazing. Afterwards, while AJ was out for brunch with a couple friends, I treated myself to a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon.

When AJ got home we decided to catch up on season 5 of Homeland. We had about five episodes to watch, but only planned on watching 2 or 3. Well, if you’ve ever binge watched Homeland, you know that stopping is not gonna happen, so yes, we watched all five. Halfway through our marathon, I apparently decided I didn’t have enough bacon with breakfast, and dug into AJ’s brunch leftovers – half of a bacon cheeseburger.


By the time dinner rolled around, I was definitely feeling all the bacon in my belly so opted for a salad when we went to the grocery store. Pre-packaged of course because remember, #lazy. Thank goodness for my lack of motivation because I discovered this chopped salad – a new favorite!


Made up of mixed greens, carrots, green onion, white cheddar cheese, cheddar tortilla chips and topped with a Chipotle ranch dressing, I almost ate the whole bag. The only thing stopping me was the chocolate chip mint ice cream I selected for dessert.



Today has been pretty low key. After signing online to do a little work, I headed out for highlights and a haircut this afternoon. Ever since I decided to chop my hair in May I’ve been loving it short, but noticed the upkeep is a little more demanding. No more waiting months in between hair appointments…man, beauty is expensive 😉

When I came home, this little dude was over! We puppy sat Teddy while AJ’s parents were out in the city this afternoon. The boys watched football while I caught up on some reading.


He’s lucky he’s such a cutie because he took a big poop right on my white carpet! Fortunately AJ cleaned it up like a champ while I sat there trying not to look. Practice for children, I guess? 🙂


We didn’t get to venture out in Central Park or the NY Historical Society like I mentioned on Friday, but it was still a great weekend. I’m not quite ready for the work week to begin, but gotta make the best of it!

How About You?

What other TV shows do I need to waste hours on? What are your obsessions lately?

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