Wine Wednesday: A Pinot Noir Review

Hello friends! So sorry I skipped yesterday’s usual “Treadmill Tuesday” post, it was a busy day at work followed by a team dinner out, and before I knew it, I was getting into bed. Fortunately, I already wrote this wine post (because #priorities), so I’m able to get that to you today without any problems. 🙂

So, who is in the mood for a glass of red today?


I told you all about my “Jamie night” last Friday where I watched Nashville non-stop and ate all the mac and cheese for dinner. Well, before I started all that, I stopped into the wine shop to pick up a bottle of something delicious (and red – I am in a total red wine kick these days).


I ultimately decided on this bottle of Josh Cellar’s Pinot Noir. I’ve purchased this brand in the past (I think a Merlot, but it might have been a Cabernet – so much for my short term memory), and this one seemed to call to me while browsing the aisles.

I was very pleasantly surprised! Sometimes I find Pinot Noirs to be weak in flavor, so it was definitely a risk trying this bottle because I was in the mood for something robust. Success! I detected notes of berries, spices, and I think it was the oaky flavor that really sealed the deal for me.

This bottle was about $16, which is not too bad, especially when you have a date night planned with yourself, you deserve only the best, right?

A Pinot Noir tip: This wine variety is known to go with many different food dishes, so when out for dinner with a group and everyone is ordering different plates, a Pinot Noir is usually a safe pairing option! By the way, in case you were wondering, paired perfectly with my deluxe kraft mac and cheese 😉

How About You?

What’s your favorite Pinot Noir?

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