TBT: A Jamaican Mini-Moon

Ay ay ay. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m pretty over this week. So, in an effort to try to stay positive, I’ve been doing some vacation reminiscing and decided to turn today’s post into a little TBT (Throwback Thursday) vacation review! 😎

jamaica 2

I told you guys about our European honeymoon adventures but I haven’t told you about our mini-moon at the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort! Because we couldn’t go on our actual honeymoon immediately after our wedding (mostly due to AJ’s work and travel schedule, and thank goodness – I did not quite realize how stressful a big trip like that would be), we decided to take a short, 4-day trip first, and honestly that couldn’t have been a more perfect plan!

Jamaica 4

I knew I wanted to do something right after our wedding, I hated the thought of going right back to our normal routine, it seemed so anti-climactic. We both agreed on heading somewhere warm, and preferably somewhere we’ve never been before.

Jamaica ended up being the winner! Neither of us had been, and all the details just worked out. Since this was a short trip, we chose to stay at the Royal Caribbean resort in Montego Bay, which is near the airport. My motto was, the sooner we get to the hotel, the sooner we can fully relax!

Jamaica 16

One thing I will note: the Montego Bay airport experience itself was horrendous upon arrival. By the time we landed in Jamaica, waited in line to go through customs, and finally got to the van to take us to our resort, it was an easy 2-3 hours. Not fun. I also had my full wedding up-do and makeup action still going on, found a black pen exploded in my purse, which I proceeded to get all over my hands, face, and shirt while waiting in line. Suffice it to say, I was looking a little rough πŸ˜‰

remnants of full hair and make up still going on
remnants of wedding hair and full make up going on here
Overall though, I was really pleased with the whole experience, the staff was extremely welcoming and accommodating. We were greeted with cocktails as we checked in and got a tour of the grounds. I cannot tell you how much I love all-inclusive. We didn’t have to worry about a thing! If we were hungry, we ate; thirsty, we drank!

Jamaica 5

AJ and I will readily admit that we’re food snobs. What can we say, we like good, quality food and we’re spoiled living in NYC! Our 2 favorite on-site restaurants here were Le Jardinier (French cuisine) and the Royal Thai, located on a private island!

Jamaica 15

That’s not to say the other food was not good, it was, but those were the standouts to us. We also know that when we go to an island, we’re usually not going for the cuisine, so we had managed expectations.

One day we took a day trip to Ocho Rios, where we hiked some falls.

Jamaica 8

On our way back to Montego Bay, we AJ convinced our guide and driver to make a pit stop at Scotchies – a restaurant the locals frequent for authentic Jerk chicken. That was our best meal on the island! Spiced, smoked chicken that fell apart in your mouth. We paired it with a side of festival – a Jamaican fried dough. I don’t have to tell you how delicious fried dough is.

Jamaica 9

We also snorkeled one morning. Water sports aren’t my strength (I ended up crying when we snorkeled in Hawaii – a story for another day), so I took full advantage of the life jacket.

Jamaica 11

Other than that, our time was pretty much spent lounging ocean or poolside. The drinks and food kept flowing, and I kept lathering on the sunscreen. Whenever the weather gets really hot, I somehow expect sunscreen to cool me down. In any case, I was protected from those strong Caribbean rays – although I always seem to miss one awkward part of my body. This time it was near my arm pits.


The fact that room service and an open mini-bar was part of the all-inclusive deal was another huge perk. I made mimosas one morning with our breakfast, and we started the day chilling on the balcony.

Jamaica 12

I also liked the Royal Caribbean resort because it was small. This was our first Sandals experience, and I’m sure other locations have that same vibe, but it was very relaxing, nice to be surrounded by all adults who just want to do their own thing, we hardly talked to anyone else! I only wish we had booked a longer stay.

Jamaica 6

As I started thinking and writing about this trip, it put such a smile on my face. A definite recommendation if you’re looking for a tropical honeymoon or a fun and romantic getaway!

jamaica 1

How About You?

What #tbt memory is making you smile today?

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