Treadmill Tuesdays with a Rent the Runway Review!

Okay, first things first, today’s featured workout! Just because bathing suit season is over doesn’t mean we can’t do a little ab work, right? I love my 15-minute circuit workouts and this one is even better because you don’t need any equipment. Just your abs and a mat or soft floor!

Fierce Ab Circuit

Speaking of workouts, here’s a photo from my Saturday morning run. I love my route along the Hudson River and am so glad that the weather has been cooperating so far this fall to continue these outdoor runs!


Rent the runway

Now, on to more exciting business. Our friends Patrick and Laura got married this past weekend at the beautiful and historic Riverside Church in the Morningside Heights section of Manhattan. It was a beautiful ceremony and we had so much fun celebrating with the newlyweds!

I told you guys how I was going to try Rent the Runway for this wedding so I was super excited when my dress was delivered Friday evening.

My review in one word?


Seriously, I could not have been happier with my selection, or how it fit! After spending way too much time agonizing over the many dress options, I finally decided on a short red Halston Heritage dress. My go-to color for dresses (and most clothing in general) is black, or maybe some sort of blue, so opting for the red was a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m so happy I did!

rent the runway

Of course I was concerned about the overall fit, as we all know sizes often vary from brand to brand, but I found the fit to be very true-to-size. However, RTR has your back just in case it doesn’t fit quite right. I got to select a second size that was included free of charge!

Some of the reviews I read noted that the arm holes were a little awkward and made wearing a strapless bra difficult, but I honestly had no problems. Everything stayed put, and the only “issue” I had was when trying to raise my arms, but that’s expected with an off-the-shoulder style.

We did a little street photo shoot on our way to the church, because why not.

rent the runway 3

Overall, I thought this was the perfect dress for a city wedding – stylish and classic, and the red added a pop of pizzazz. I paired it with simple black pumps, crystal drop earrings, and a multi-colored Milly clutch.

The return process is also ridiculously easy. You just throw the dresses in the garment bag they came in, zip it, lock it, place the pre-addressed mailing label in the slot and drop it in a UPS box. Easy Peasy!

Will I try it again? Absolutely! I’m already looking for another event to rent something fancy 🙂

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