Treadmill Tuesdays: Incline Walking Workout

Guys, last night I saw the Christmas tree stand getting set up outside of my neighborhood grocery store! I cannot wait to get our tree next week and spend some serious time transforming my apartment into a Christmas wonderland.


But anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already started your holiday eating marathon (which is great), but when this time of year gets busy it’s very easy to start missing your workouts.

Trust me, I have no intentions on depriving myself of any turkey, stuffing, or pumpkin pie, but I feel a whole lot better about those second helpings when I know I’ve already gotten a few good workouts in.

Here’s a nice and sweaty treadmill incline walking routine. You might think this is nice and easy because you’ll keep your pace pretty slow….it’s not. You’ll be begging to start jogging on a lower incline once you get going on this one. Keep it though! It’s a great leg and booty workout and you’ll jump off that treadmill feeling sweaty, accomplished, and ready for seconds. 🙂

Treadmill Incline Walking Workout

treadmill incline walking workout

How About You? 

What do you do to stay active during the holiday season?

4 thoughts on “Treadmill Tuesdays: Incline Walking Workout

  1. I love incline walking!! It’s great for those days where I don’t have tons of motivation to go to the gym because it starts off so easily. But by the end I’m out of breath and the next day I can’t sit down!


  2. I’m going to do this treadmill work out! I like these walking ones because they are easier on my knees!

    I go home for the holidays so I help my dad rake leaves. We have a lot! With apt living there is no background or leaves to rake so this is a nice break from my normal workout routine and a really good workout!


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