Photo-A-Day + An Upper Body Workout

How have you guys been doing with your workouts? I got in a good 6 mile run on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but I totally skipped out on all exercise the rest of the weekend…oops.

However, I actually did this great Nike+ Training Club workout yesterday to get back into the groove, and I loved it! It’s called the Angelica Bengtsson’s ABS AND ARMS WORKOUT.

All you need is 15 minutes, a mat, a bench (I used my coffee table), and dumbbells (I used 5lb and 10lb weights).

The workout looks a little something like this:

nike training club workout

If you haven’t already downloaded the Nike+ Training Club app, do it now!

Nike Training Club

You’ll get short videos of each move so you know you’re doing it the right way, plus it’s a great way to sneak in workouts of your choice during this busy time of year, and it’s available on Apple and Android.

December Photo-A-Day Challenge

In other news, if you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that I’m kicking off a December Photo-A-Day challenge today! Yes, I’m about to be that annoying person on your Insta newsfeed with a different picture every day, but I thought this would be a fun way to challenge myself to take in all the holiday beauty this season, as well as get a little creative.

Here’s what my Photo Challenge looks like:

December Photo-a-Day

Want to join in on the fun? Use the hashtag #DecemberPhotoChallenge to post your pictures according to the daily prompts and to check out others! I posted my photo of something “Red” this morning 🙂

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