A Food and Wine Weekend

Happy Monday and happy Christmas week! I hope you all had a nice weekend and are all ready for the holidays. (Just a reminder to check out my Holiday Gift Guides if you’re still looking for some last minute gifts!)

It’s been a busy weekend over here. Friday night was a gift exchange with my “book club”, (although I think we’re accepting the fact we’re more of a wine club these days). I came home with some new Bobbi Brown blush, eye shadow, and am so excited about my new gel eye liner!

On Saturday my cousin Jess came from Philly to visit for the weekend. She had already made a NYC earlier in the month and saw the tree and all, so our focus was more on food and drinks rather than the typical tourist spots. We started our afternoon with brunch at Spring Natural Kitchen on the Upper West Side. I ordered the taco salad and obviously forgot to take photos of our lunch because I was starving. I’ve been excited to try out this restaurant and so happy it was a hit!

After lunch we trekked down to the East Village to check out Lois, a new wine on tap bar. Guys. It’s amazing. We walked up to the cutest door and into the warmest and coziest bar I’ve ever seen.

Lois wine bar

The bartender (and one of the owners) talked us through some of the wines and even let us taste some to figure out what we wanted. I tried two full-bodied reds and Jess opted for some crisp whites. They even serve small plates if you want to snack while you sip!

Lois wine bar


By the time we left the place was starting to fill up, which I was glad to see. Seriously, if you get the chance to check this place out, do it!

Since we were nearby, I decided we had to stop by Stay Classy New York, the Will Ferrell themed bar in the Lower East Side. (You might remember when I wrote about it here!) We grabbed a quick drink, watched Elfand even convinced Buddy the Elf to take a picture with us!


We then made our way back uptown to meet AJ for our 7:45 dinner reservation at Bellini. We have been meaning to try this place out for awhile now and decided this would be the perfect chance.

We started with a caprese salad to split and Jess and AJ each got the Margherita DOC pizza (San Marzano tomato sauce and bufala mozzarella!),  and I chose the Bucatini alla Carbonara which I shared (mostly so I could get a slice or two of their pizza!).



After dinner we headed across the street to a local sports bar, Firehouse, to watch the Jets game while meeting up with some friends. We definitely stayed out way later than anticipated, but we were all just having a great time. Plus, this place is practically in our backyard that we just rolled on home and into bed.

On Sunday I decided I had a craving for bagels and lox so we made our way to Zabar’s for lox, bagels, and cream cheese to make our own sandwiches, and of course we couldn’t leave without snacks – mixed olives and ewephoria cheese (which is a sheep’s milk gouda).

While shopping we also picked up last night’s dinner – fresh buffalo mozzarella ravioli with tomato basil sauce. I didn’t expect this to be anything particularly special since it was just a quick pick up dinner, but we were both so impressed! This will be a definitely be repeated.


Clearly this was another weekend where food took center stage, but ’tis the season 🙂

Hope you all have a great day!

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