Weekly Workouts plus a Shoulder Circuit

How have you guys been doing with your workouts? I haven’t posted any in awhile but I have been trying to stay somewhat committed to fitness in between all of my holiday feasting.

I definitely get cranky if I go too many days without some sort of sweat session (oops!), so it’s important to me to make the time.


My workout schedule last week looked a little something like this:

Sunday: Off (I was still in a food coma from our Christmas Brunch)

Monday: Arc Trainer at gym for 30 minutes (while watching The Office on Netflix on my phone…gotta do what ya gotta do to make it fun!)

Tuesday: Off (impromptu pizza date night after work!)

Wednesday: Run 3 miles (on the treadmill…yuck.)

Thursday: Nike Training Club Shoulder Ripper strength workout (see below!)

Friday: Off

Saturday: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD

Clearly this wasn’t a super intense week, but I was happy to fit in what I could. Plus for a few days last week I thought I was getting sick like I always seem to do this time of year so I was trying to give my body the rest I thought it needed. And so far so good in the ‘avoiding a cold’ department (prayers, lots of vitamins, hand sanitizer, knocking on wood, crossing my fingers, etc.)!

Nike Training Club “Shoulder Ripper”

This workout is one of my favorites. It’s only 15 minutes but it’s a goody that you can pair with any cardio workout, another strength training session, or just by itself on a light day. I use 10 lb. dumbbells, but you can use whatever is challenging for you.

  • 1 minute – Sumo Squat with Lateral Raise
  • 1 minute – Plank Walks
  • 1 minute – Shoulder Press
  • 1 minute – Single Leg Deadlift Reverse Fly (I use 5 pounders here!)
  • 30 seconds – Plank
  • 30 seconds – Recover

Repeat this circuit 2 more times!

If you haven’t already downloaded the Nike+ Training Club app, do it now!

Nike Training Club

You’ll get short videos of each move so you know you’re doing it the right way, plus it’s a great way to sneak in workouts of your choice during this busy time of year, and it’s available on Apple and Android.

How About You?

Have you been able to sneak in some workouts this busy time of year? What’s your secret to making the time?

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