5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your House

I hope you all had a nice weekend! I spent mine relaxing and catching up on real life since AJ and I were both in Phoenix last week.

But this Monday feels particularly rough. Between the holidays and last week’s travels, this is the first “normal” week back in the office in quite some time. Plus, I have a full calendar so no easing back into the swing of things for me. At least that means the week should go by quickly, then hello 3 day weekend!

Fortunately I cleaned before we went away so we came home to a tidy apartment, but clutter, dishes, and dust are already starting to quickly pile up. And if you know me, you know I love to stay organized and keep a clean house, so I need a plan to tackle it before I start this week off on the wrong (messy) foot!

5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your House

1. 2 Minute Rule – “If it takes less than two minutes, do it now.” I am definitely guilty of letting the sink pile up with dishes, or letting mail collect on the coffee table, because it starts with just a little at a time. But, before I know it, the sink is overflowing, the living room looks disorganized, and I’m in a bad mood because I have a messy house.

Cleaning up a little at a time literally takes minutes (if not seconds!) and helps me feel much more organized throughout the day.

tips to staying organized

2. One-Touch Rule – I found this organization tip on Pinterest and it just clicked with me. It all boils down to putting your stuff where it belongs the first time. Just got home from work? Hang up your jacket where it belongs. Cleaning up the living room? Put your stuff away where it belongs, don’t move it to another spot first.

When I come home from work, the first thing I do is change into comfy clothes. So I’ll go into my room, put on my sweats, and lay my still clean work clothes on my bed. Later when I’m getting tired, I’ll turn down my bed and move those clean clothes on top of my hamper. The next morning I’ll get finally get around to cleaning up and hanging my clean clothes back up in my closet. That’s 3 touches! Bed > Top of Hamper > Closet.

How about if I just hang my clean clothes back up in the closet the moment I’m getting changed? That’s where they’re going to end up eventually, and why not do it in one-touch?

3. Hide Eyesores – Wires, thermostats, routers, radiators, and grates are all a part of modern day living, but if you’re anything like me, you know they can be difficult to hide or work into the “feng shui” of your house.

For example, I kind of hate the look of dish soap on my kitchen counters. It’s silly, but I ordered this cute soap dispenser on Etsy last year for my kitchen counter and I’m loving it!


Check out these links for some more clever tips and tricks!

4. 200 Things to Throw Away  – This is another great article I found via Pinterest. I love purging my space of junk I don’t need any more, I just need to do it more often! This list is great because it will help you find all that unnecessary clutter that’s stashed away.


Lonely socks, that shimmery tank top from 2008, takeout menus (we now have this nifty invention called the internet), expired food, miscellaneous cords, books you still have on your bookshelf from college, those extra buttons that you don’t know which shirt they are for anyway, old cheap jewelry…you get the picture.

5. Focus on Progress – Unfortunately my house will never look perfect. I cannot stay home to clean and organize all day nor do I have someone that will do it for me! Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I easily get discouraged and, let’s be honest, cranky, when my apartment doesn’t look like Pinterest (which is never).

However, I do feel good if I have a plan and tackle one thing at a time. Set goals that work for you, like this 30-Day Declutter Challenge or this 20-Minute Declutter Challenge.

And those are my 5 decluttering tips! I hope some of these resonate with you too 🙂

3 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your House

  1. Okay, I LOVED these tips. Mainly because I’m just realizing (at 28) how true these are. We’ve started setting a 10 minute timer on our phones after dinner where we just tidy up, and it’s honestly amazing how much can get done. I’m also guilty of trying clothes on in the mornings and not hanging them up and having them build up, and am working on hanging them up as soon as I do!

    Really liked the 200 things to throw away. It’s so true that we have so much clutter that we don’t even look/think about! Thank you for sharing.


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