I started a Cooking Vlog!

Guys, I decided to do try something new.

In an effort to expand my blogging efforts, get creative, and try something a little out of my comfort zone, I started a vlog! You know, a video blog where I actually have to talk and sound coherent into a camera?

Yikes. What am I thinking?

Don’t worry, I’m still keeping this site, Pushups, Pasta, & Pinot Grigio, because I absolutely love having a lifestyle blog where I can share everything from food to workouts to weekend recaps to eating out at great restaurants to my favorite Rent the Runway finds.

However, I thought creating a sister site, Cook in a Nook, would be a fun way to focus on my love of being a mediocre cook.

Yep, it’s called Cook in a Nook because a “nook” is the most accurate way to describe my kitchen. (Oh, the joys of city living!)

cook in a nook

Guess what? The first episode is up! In it, I’m making Homemade Chocolate Pudding with Baileys and Whipped Cream

Trust me, it was so yum. 

So, check it out today, and please be kind 😉

Click here to be redirected to Cook in a Nook!

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