Friday Favorites #9

TGIF TGIF! I’m so happy it’s Friday and it’s a 3-day weekend. Holler. This weekend I’m looking forward to catching up on some blog stuff, a Saturday night date with my husband, reading, and general cleaning up around the apartment.

But first! Some Friday Favorites 🙂

Coconut Milk

I’ve cooked with coconut milk before but never bought it just because. Wow! I’m in love, especially putting in my Green Monster smoothies!

coconut milk


Are you guys familiar with Wayfair? I’ve heard about it through friends and have seen their commercials but I never took the time to really check it out until this week. Um…where have you been all my life?? Everything from furniture, home décor, rugs, kitchen appliances, to outdoor and lawn goods, this is where it’s at! AJ and I are talking about moving to a bigger place later this year and I’m already getting excited to start decorating!


French Onion Soup at Spring

This is a little bit of a cheat, because AJ and I went at the beginning of the month. However, I realized I haven’t yet told you about the French Onion Soup at Spring Natural Kitchen! We were kind of bored one Saturday night so we decided to go for a walk. And do you ever notice that you get hungry when you’re bored? (Or is that just me?) We didn’t want a full meal, but decided to stop into Spring for some appetizers. It was such a win, it tasted so fresh and light! (Which can be difficult for a cheesy french onion soup to pull off.) You gotta check this place out next time you’re on the Upper West Side, their brunch is phenomenal too!

french onion soup, spring natural kitchen, nyc

The Office

This one is a little bit of a blast from the past, but I am a big fan of the TV show, The Office. Part of the reason is because I’m from Pennsylvania and went to the University of Scranton, and as you may know, Dundler Mifflin is set in the city of Scranton. So not only do I get glimpses of home, but it also takes me back to my college days, and it can be fun to reminisce. 🙂

Thanks to Netflix, I’ve been able to relive my love of the show. (Jim + Pam forever <333) I’ll typically throw it on my phone when I’m preparing dinner or sometimes when I really need something to entertain me while on the elliptical or treadmill after work.

the office

Cook in a Nook

In case you missed it, I started a vlog! Check out Cook in a Nook today, and stay tuned for more recipes and videos of me pretending to be Rachael Ray. I whipped up a batch of homemade chocolate pudding with baileys and whipped cream in this first episode.

cook in a nook

And that’s all I got for ya today. Happy Friday folks, I hope you have a fantastic day!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #9

  1. I’m in the middle of watching the Office too!!! I’ve never seen all episodes from the beginning! I’m on Season 2 …..and literally obsessed…


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