25 Fun and Romantic Date Night Ideas

It’s February 1st (holy cow!) and that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So I decided to put together a few favorite date night ideas.

Many of these I received in a “Date Night Jar” during my two bridal showers last year!

date night ideas

Whether you want to go big and celebrate out this year, or plan to stay home and cozy up to your love, here’s a list of 25 ideas that you can use to plan your Valentine’s Day, or any date night!

25 fun and romantic date night ideas

  1. Ice Skating
  2. Order your favorite takeout and binge on Netflix
  3. Game Night (pick out a new game and come home to play it)
  4. Art ‘n Vino class
  5. Take a Lesson (cooking, pastry, cocktail making, dance, cake decorating, drawing
  6. Go Skydiving or Trapeze Flying (something to get the adrenaline rushing!)
  7. Horse drawn carriage ride
  8. Karaoke night
  9. Horseback riding
  10. Try a new food together (Ethiopian, Dim Sum, anything that’s new to you.)
  11. Couples massage
  12. See a Play
  13. Learn to speak a foreign language (This will obviously take more than one night, but AJ and I are planning on studying Italian this year!)
  14. Plan your next vacation
  15. Go to a fancy restaurant for cocktails or dessert
  16. DIY Fondue night (cheese and/or chocolate!)
  17. Plan a Picnic (even inside if the weather’s bad! – Set out a bottle of Prosecco, Chocolates, Cheese, any of your favorite snacks or indulgent treats.)
  18. Find a last-minute concert (try stubhub for cheaper tickets!)
  19. Drive-in movie (pick up your favorite takeout or snack on the way!)
  20. Recreate your 1st date (This is actually how AJ proposed! 🙂 )
  21. Tour a local museum (Follow it up with dinner at a new or favorite restaurant.)
  22. Take a walk or drive around an unfamiliar neighborhood
  23. Wine Tasting (Find a spot that holds tastings, or DIY and buy a few new inexpensive bottles of wine, break out your fancy wine glasses, and pretend you know what you’re talking about! You can take it to the next step by using fun Printables like  these or these!)
  24. Go to a local festival (Food, Wine, Jazz, Italian…Google what’s going on near your town and spend a few hours trying something new!)
  25. Plan a Progressive Dinner (Have appetizers in one location, switch to another restaurant for your main course, and top it off with dessert at a local bake shop…or at home!)

Enjoy! ❤

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