Top 5 Pandora Stations for Your Workouts


Happy Groundhog Day! Does anyone else love this movie? Nope, just me? Alright.

groundhog day quotes

What do you think, six more weeks or winter, or an early spring? I’m betting on more winter, I don’t think the Northeast is lucky enough to get through the season with only one snowstorm, as historic as it was.

Anyway, believe it or not, I do have topics other than early 90s movies and rodents to discuss with you all today…

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into my running grove lately (even if it is on the treadmill!), but sometimes I still need that extra push to get me to the gym when I’m all like…


Music can do wonders for my motivation so I thought I would share my Top 5 Pandora Workout Stations!

Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Radio

This is easily my go-to Pandora station. There’s nothing like a little Pitbull or Flo Rida to get you through an after-work treadmill workout!

Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Radio Pandora

Meghan Trainor Radio

I love me some Meghan Trainor – her songs are so catchy with a little bit of a doo-woppy vibe (and I love my oldies!). This station can get me through those running or elliptical workouts when I’m seriously not feeling it.

Meghan Trainor

Pop Fitness Radio

This station is full of upbeat favorites and you can’t really go wrong when getting your sweat on to Rihanna, Andy Grammer, and Usher.

Pop Fitness Pandora

Country Fitness Radio

Sometimes you need a little country music in your life and this station delivers with upbeat country classics.

Country Fitness Pandora Radio

Today’s Hits Radio

This station can be hit or miss, and sometimes a few slow songs get thrown in that can interrupt your workout vibe (but that’s what skip is for!). It’s great though, when you’re in the mood for the latest hits, and I discovered that Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself song is a new favorite!

Today's Hits

And just for fun, here’s an elliptical workout I put together for you. Throw on your favorite Pandora station and get goin’!

30 MInute Elliptical Workout

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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