A Valentine’s Weekend Recap

Tuesday is here and even though it was a 3 day weekend for me, it still went by way too fast! At least it’s a 4 day work week and that’s always a good thing. Our weekend was filled with a lot of fun and friends, 2 museums, and tons of good food. Seriously, I need to get back on the clean eating train this week. Anyway, here’s a look at the festivities we had going on!


Saturday started off with a trip to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with AJ’s brother Justin and his girlfriend Jess. AJ and I did this last year and had a blast, despite my deep childhood fear of dogs (that I’m slowly overcoming). We first did a “meet and greet” with the pups where we walked around an exhibit hall and stopped to meet the breeds we were interested in.

westminster kennel club

Our main stops were the Lakeland Terriers, Welsh Terriers, and Airdale Terriers. I wanted to play with some Maltese puppies because that size and cuteness is more my speed and was hoping to convince AJ that that’s the kind of dog we need one day. Unfortunately they weren’t part of the exhibit, so I’ll have to try again 😉

We then made our way to the show to watch a little bit of the competition.

westminster kennel club

That evening our friends Steve and Carlyn came into the city and we headed out for a double date at Isabella’s. We started off with a Warm Brussels Caesar and Artichokes Alla Romana for the table. I chose the Faroe Island Salmon with Butternut squash risotto, pumpkin seeds, sage as my entree, and AJ opted for the Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi Carbonara.



It was delicious all around and I love a good night out with friends! This is one of those restaurants nearby that we just never made it to before but I’m glad we finally tried it out. I’m excited to check out their brunch next.



We woke up on Sunday to a sunny day with some wintry temps!


We stayed inside and bundled up for most of the day and I made a special Valentine’s Day breakfast. AJ requested a fried egg sandwich topped with mozzarella and prosciutto. I was in the mood for French toast and decided to get a little creative with  my bacon! ❤


While working on some blog stuff that afternoon, I decided to pop in a DVD of The Holiday. Even though it’s technically a Christmas movie, I felt it was appropriate for Valentine’s Day too. It was nice to have a day spent relaxing inside in our jammies on such a blustery day. 🙂

Over a casual dinner of frozen Ellio’s pizza, AJ and I exchanged cards and small gifts. I got him this key chain from Etsy and he got me a gift card to Cafe Lalo (you might recognize this spot from my favorite movie You’ve Got Mail)!


Around 9:30pm (I know, so late!), AJ and I dressed up and headed out. I knew he had some sort of Valentine’s Day surprise up his sleeve as he’s pretty good at playing into the cheesiness of the day for my benefit and we use it as an excuse to do something fun or a little extra special. We ended up making our way back to the American Museum of Natural History for an evening of Romance Under the Stars!

romance under the stars

When we first heard about this event last year it was sold out, but he secretly planned to get tickets early this year! We spent the evening sipping champagne and wine, listening to a string quartet and snacking on hors d’oeuvres while wandering around the “hall of the universe.”

romance under the stars

After about an hour and a half, we were ushered into the Planetarium for a look at the stars. The night sky was projected overhead as various constellations were pointed out to us, along with their histories and stories. It was really nice and romantic. However, at this point it was about 11pm, and the room was very dark, I was literally propping my eyes open so I wouldn’t fall asleep. Not everyone was as successful at it, at one point we heard an incredibly loud snore from a fellow attendee! It was an awesome experience though, so happy we had the chance to do it!


Monday was a day off for President’s Day. I spent the morning working on more blog duties and cleaning up around the apartment. After lunch, we ran some errands and headed to the Museum of the City of New York on the Upper East Side to see the Jacob Riis exhibit.


Jacob Riis was a photographer and journalist during the turn of the 20th century. His photos and stories brought attention to the slums of NYC during this time. I’m a big history fan, especially of this time period, and I love all things New York City, so this was right up my alley.

jacob riis

On our way home, we stopped by one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, Bellini, for mussels, pizza, risotto, and wine!


And that wraps up our weekend! I hope you all had a great one and are off to a good start to the week 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Weekend Recap

  1. I loved reading your blog! What a great weekend! How can you beat nice food, a slushy film, more nice food, meeting friends, visiting museums? And a dog show! How did you resist putting half a dozen in your bag? Great photos too. The weather looked a bit chilly though. How amazing that you live in New York! I went there once for a few days with my daughter, must have been around 1995? We had an amazing time. Would love to go again. Keep up the good blogging!


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