Favorite Fabletics Workout Gear + 4 Treadmill Miles

If you’re anything like me, new workout clothes can make such a difference in your willingness to hit up the gym. It becomes an opportunity to show off your new style rather than just another chore of the day!

I’m a Fabletics VIP member, which means on the first of every month, I get trendy new workout outfits sent right to my inbox, at a discount! I can either choose to opt out that month (at no charge), or I’ll be charged $50 that I can either accrue in my account and save for a later date, or use immediately towards a purchase.


I didn’t plan on buying anything this month, but I forgot to opt out by February 5th. Oops! I was secretly happy though because I’m in desperate need of new sports bras and had my eye on a few of theirs. 


I decided on the Snapdragon Reversible Bra for the strappy back; and the Arta Long Sleeve TopI just love the thumb holes and the fun mesh-like cut outs! 


I already purchased a pair of their Salar Capri pants last year that I love. They are so stretchy and comfy, with no sign of the saggy butt that some yoga pants tend to get after several washings.

FullSizeRender (7)

And just for fun, I’m sharing one of my favorite 4-mile treadmill runs. Work it! 😉

4 treadmill miles

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