A NYC Easter Weekend

Good morning to ya! Monday morning just seemed to come around before I knew it, sheesh! It was a wonderful weekend over here though. I feel like I ate entirely way too much. I’m looking forward to some healthier eating in the days ahead. (Although as I type this I’m realizing the 2 boxes of girl scout cookies sitting in my kitchen could be problematic…)

Anyway, here’s a little peek into our NYC Easter weekend 🙂


After work on Friday we headed out for a pizza date. A few weeks ago we had reservations at Marta in the Martha Washington Hotel that we weren’t able to make, so we decided tonight was the night to head over to the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan and try again.


The space was really neat, with an open layout that took up most of the hotel lobby. We started with risotto croquettes and rounded out dinner with two personal size margherita pizzas. Yum, yum.



Saturday meant an early morning 6 mile run along the Hudson that led right into some apartment cleaning, I figured I might as well get it done while I still had that runners high.

I also picked up these pink hyacinths that have been making the apartment smell so delicious! My mom always had hyacinths around the house growing up and it’s a smell that I always associate with this holiday, so I make it a point to get at least one pot every Easter.


After some grocery shopping, lunch, and lounging, we headed to the movies! I was dying to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which didn’t interest AJ so he headed off to Batman Vs. Superman. My movie totally lived up to the hype…I laughed, I cried (especially  my wedding song, All of Mecame on!), it was a good time.


After our movies we met at one of our favorite spots, Epicerie Boulud, for a small dinner of some of the best oysters around, a dipping trio (hummus, baba ganoush, and my favorite, lemon honey ricotta), and we shared a small cup of their seasonal chili. Everything was so tasty (as usual) and we ended up walking the 20 or so blocks home.

I also convinced AJ to put on the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding before bed…I was on a roll!


Easter Sunday! I was hoping to wear a new spring dress but the morning was chillyyyy, so I opted for some bright pants instead. (The fact that my pants, shirt accent flowers, purse, and finger nails all perfectly matched was not totally planned, but made me oddly excited #nerdalert)

Sorry for the slightly fuzzy pic, the natural light was not exactly streaming inside at 8am

The day started early when we made our way downtown to Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral for church. We used to go here regularly when we were dating and both lived nearby, but we haven’t been back since they did renovations last year. (We really wanted to get married in this church, but logistically between the location and ongoing renovations, it wasn’t going to work 😦 ) It was so nice to be back for Easter Sunday – we walked in a tad late, but to one of my favorite Easter songs, Christ the Lord is Risen Today.

Bonus! My sister-in-law Alyssa was joining us for the morning.


After the church service, we had about an hour before brunch in the West Village, so we made a coffee stop before taking a slow walk over.

Not our church, but a beautiful, old one we passed along the way

Once we arrived at our brunch destination, Bobo, we were seated immediately and started with the Ahi Tuna Tartare to share, which was just delicious.


For my entree, I went with the Les Oeufs à la Quinoa which is basically two sunny side up eggs over mixed quinoa with spinach and a dash of siracha. I love quinoa mixed with eggs and was not disappointed with this dish. I also took bites of Alyssa’s Maine Lobster Omelette and AJ’s French Dip sandwich.


And of course we couldn’t say no to Beignets with Nutella for dessert. Not quite as good as the New Orleans beignets we indulged in last weekend, but still a delicious treat.


After brunch we stopped in a nearby puppy store for a few minutes, (I’m trying to convince AJ that a Maltese puppy is in our future!) before hopping on the subway home.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of binge watching Fixer Upper on HGTV. I’m a little late to the party with this show because I’ve actually never watched it before, but everyone raves about it. I now understand why, it was so easy to get sucked in and Chip and Joanna are just the cutest.

Days like this I wish we had a little balcony to sit out on and enjoy the sunny, spring day, but we had a lot of sunshine streaming through the windows.

And that about wraps up our Easter weekend, I hope you all had a great one as well!

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