Friday Favorites #18

Friday Favorites

Whew! What a week. I’m afraid I don’t have too many exciting Friday Favorites for you today. This week has consisted of work, running lots of errands after work, doing dishes (they seem to multiply), and then doing it all over again. But here’s a look a few things!

Hidden Facebook Messages


Okay, prepare to have your mind blown! I came across this article that explains how Facebook filters out messages sent to you, similar to how Gmail will separate out your junk mail. And apparently some “real” messages accidentally get stuck here as well. Say what?! Follow the instructions in this article to see if you have any messages from friends or clients hiding from you – I did! (Sorry to anyone I ignored  over the years 🙂 )

A Personal Chef

I’ve had the treat of AJ cooking two of our Blue Apron meals this week. I love cooking and am happy to do it most nights, but as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been pretty busy this week so he volunteered to do the heavy cooking two nights in a row. Okay!

Here’s a photo of our dinner last night. To be fair, while he was cooking, I was cleaning the bathroom, so I did work hard for my Fresh Fettuccini Pasta with Porcini Mushroom Bolognese!


Insomnia Cookies

I don’t know if this is the epitome of laziness or the genius of taking advantage of all NYC has to offer. After dinner last night AJ and I looked at each other and thought we needed a little extra something. He only half-jokingly suggested we order cookies from Insomnia Cookies and I immediately jumped on this idea!


What’s better than warm snickerdoodle, sugar, and chocolate chunk cookies (with cold milk of course) delivered right to your door?!


After our trip to Italy this summer, AJ and I decided we wanted to learn Italian so we downloaded the Duolingo app to our phones. Every day I try to complete at least one lesson and I’m starting to impress myself with how much I’m starting to pick up already!

This app has many different languages to choose from, and is a great, easy way to familiarize or refresh yourself with a particular language.

J.Crew Sleep Mask

Growing up my sister could not sleep without an eye mask and acquired quite the collection over the years.


We all laughed at her, but lately I’ve been seeing the value of it, especially when AJ wants to watch TV at night and I’m trying to block the light out to fall asleep. So, when I saw this sleep mask on the J.Crew website earlier this week, I was SOLD! (<– P.S. There’s up to 60% off EVERYTHING plus an extra 40% off all CLEARANCE items going on now with the code EXTRA40. Woohoo!)


Alright folks, I’ll leave you here today. Hope you have a great weekend! We’re off to a wedding tonight and then I’m excited to check out the Gilt City Warehouse Sale tomorrow, followed by a date night – more to come about all this next week. Ciao!

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