Rent the Runway Review

Hi friends and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Instead of a full weekend recap today, I’m going to give you a review of my latest Rent the Runway selection!

AJ and I attended a wedding on Friday evening, one of his high school friends got married at The Loeb Boathouse Central Park. This is very close to our apartment, so it made getting there and back a breeze!

Runway 3

Since we’ve had a lot of wedding recently, and have a bunch more coming up this year, I’ve pretty much gone through my own dress collection and turned to Rent the Runway, an easy and economical way to access over thousands of designer clothes and accessories that I can rent for the weekend at a fraction of the cost.

Rent the Runway 4

If you’re not familiar with RTR, it’s a pretty genius idea. I think it’s most popular for weddings or formal affairs, but you can also shop for designer party outfits or more casual apparel. They also carry accessories like jewelry and handbags!

So, how does Rent the Runway work?

When you have an event, simply sign into your account and start browsing by style, occasion, and size. When you find the perfect dress, select your size as well as a free backup size – which is such a great idea since we all know sizes can vary by designers. The next step is to select the dates you need your delivery, and you can rent for either 4 or 8 days. 

After your event, the return process could not be any easier. Simply place your dress (and back-up) in the garment bag, slide the provided return address label in the slot, zip up and lock the bag with the provided plastic lock. Just drop it off in a UPS box or any UPS location and you’re done! Easy, peasy.

I’d also recommend writing a review and uploading a photo to help out future shoppers. I always read the reviews before making my final selection. I try to look for feedback from girls who are about my same height and weight so I can get a better picture of how the dress will fit me. After all, a dress is going to look a lot different on someone tall with a large chest then someone more my size (short with a small chest!).

My Selection

This is my third time renting a dress, and once again I was not disappointed! (To see my other reviews click here and here.)

The wedding we attended was black tie optional. I didn’t really feel like wearing a long gown though, and the length of this Alexis Red Leona Dress immediately caught my eye. Not long, but not too short either, I thought it would be perfect.

Rent the Runway 2.JPG

I also loved the sheer lace detailing! I thought it was fun and sexy, yet classy at the same time. And given that this is my second time renting a red dress, I think it’s safe to say I’m a fan of this color.

Ultimately, the dress fit perfectly! I got so many compliments throughout the night and not to mention AJ was a big fan. My only real complaint was the high neckline started irritating my neck after a couple hours. Not a big deal, but something I started noticing by the end of the night.

Rent the Runway 1
You might recognize my earrings are ones I picked up a the Bauble Bar sample sale!

I wish I got a photo of the back of the dress, but I didn’t think about it at the time. The top half was all sheer lace like the midriff area, which made wearing even a strapless bra impossible, so I just went without, but if you have a backless/strapless bra or chicken cutlets that would work perfectly.

When I dropped off the return package to UPS on Saturday, I was so sad, I didn’t want to let the dress go!

If you’ve never tried out RTR before but want to for an upcoming event, use my referral link here for $20 off your first order! 

How About You?

What’s your favorite dress to wear to weddings? Have you ever tried Rent the Runway?

4 thoughts on “Rent the Runway Review

  1. I used RTR a few years ago for a bachelorette party. Since then I’ve come this.close to renting numerous times but always chicken out that it won’t fit right since for some reason dress shopping is really tough for me.
    One day I will take the plunge again. It’s such a great idea (I wish I had come up with it).


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