Stitch Fix Review #2

I have another Stitch Fix Review for you all today! You might remember my first review last month, and receiving this package was just as exciting.

april stitch fix review


Check out my March Stitch Fix Review if you want more details on what exactly Stitch Fix is, and how this all works. Basically it is and easy and affordable way for me to have my own personal stylist send 5 pieces of clothing or accessories right to my front door, whenever I want! Hello convenience 🙂


Just a friendly reminder that if you like what you see here and decide you want to give it a try, please sign up using my referral link! (I mean, it’s pretty painless, just pay the $20 styling fee when you schedule your fix and it will be deducted from whatever you end up keeping! It’s worth trying out for at least a month 😉  )


Before each order, I have the opportunity to make a note for my stylist about what I hope to receive. This month I requested a summer dress, a kimono cardigan, and an off-the-shoulder top. They didn’t have the cardigan or off-the-shoulder top which was a little bit of a bummer, but I’ll consider requesting it again in the future.  I also shared my Spring and Summer Styles Pinterest Board to give some further inspiration.

Nine West Xeena Pointed Toe Pump

I was excited to see another pair of shoes in this month’s fix. I am a shoe girl at heart and firmly believe a girl can never have enough shoes. I was intrigued when I pulled these out. The yellow was fun, definitely not a color I would normally pick, but very cute. I was a big fan of the low heel too. It definitely makes these shoes very easy to go from the office to a night out.

Stitch Fix Review

Ultimately though, I think these are a RETURN. I wouldn’t wear the yellow enough to justify the $79 price tag. However, this did inspire me to add some more colorful shoes to my wardrobe this spring and summer, just maybe at a lower price.

Andrew Marc Performance Sayan Anorak Jacket

Stitch Fix Review

I was all about this jacket as soon as I unfolded it. I have many outfits pinned to my Pinterest that feature olive green jackets, and I think my stylist had that in mind when she selected this piece.

Stitch Fix Review

(Side note: my layered necklace is from the Bauble Bar sample sale!)

I put it on when I was getting dressed on Saturday morning and decided it was a keeper when I planned my outfit around it. The material is super soft and comfy. It feels more like a cozy cotton shirt than a jacket! I wore it all weekend when jeans and slip on sneakers and know I will get plenty of use out of it during the spring and even fall months. Obviously, a KEEPER!

Skies are Blue Adiba Split Back Top

Stitch Fix Review

This shirt was kind of blah on me. I did appreciate the flowy style and the fun print. However, I didn’t love the short length with the plain tank underneath. It didn’t do much for me and while I’m always in the market for tops I can wear with jeans on the weekend or with skinny black pants during the work week, this didn’t do the trick.

Stitch Fix Review


Daniel Rainn Derickson Lace Up Top

Stitch Fix Review

I’m all about simplicity and this Lace Up Top is right up my alley, a plain shirt with a bit of flare. But again, when I put it on, it I wasn’t all that impressed. It’s priced at $74 and not a price I’m willing to pay for a white shirt the felt a little big.

Stitch Fix Review

I marked this to RETURN.

Kut From The Kloth Karleen Ponte Dress

stitch fix review

I didn’t want to love this dress, I really didn’t. But I knew I was in trouble when I held it up because if there is a dress that epitomizes my go-to style, this is it.  Of course it was one of the higher end pieces in my fix so I considered it not giving it a second thought and just boxing it back up. THEN I discovered it had pockets and it was game over.

dress 3

Even as I sat down to write my review, I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t going to buy it, but I know that’s not true. I almost considered keeping the above yellow Xeena Pointed Toe Pumps because they just looked perfect with this dress, but at least I talked myself out of that!

stitch fix review

I’m looking forward to pairing this with heels to dress it up for the office or with cute flats or sandals to wear around town. I can even wear it with tights, boots, and a cardigan in the colder months, so it really is a versatile piece. You know I ended up KEEPING it.


  • Nine West Xeena Pointed Toe Pump ($79) – RETURN
  • Andrew Marc Performance Sayan Anorak Jacket ($108) – KEEP
  • Skies are Blue Adiba Split Back Top ($54) – RETURN
  • Daniel Rainn Derickson Lace Up Top ($74) – RETURN
  • Kut From The Kloth Karleen Ponte Dress ($108) – KEEP

I consider this Fix a success. I absolutely love the two pieces I did end up keeping and my wallet is happy I didn’t like everything. (Although, if you DO fall in love with everything in your shipment, you’ll receive a 25% discount. Not a bad deal!)

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