Friday Favorites #20

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY friends! What a week, I feel like it’s been crazy busy (hence my lack of blogging this week, sorry! I’ll get into the groove again soon).

This weekend will be a little nuts too because I’m headed to Philadelphia for the Broad Street Run 10 miler on Sunday! It’s become an annual event for some of my cousins, our aunt, and I, and this year my sister is joining in on the fun! The thing I’m not looking forward to is the rainy forecast for Sunday. I’m not a fan of running in the rain in general, not to mention this is putting a major damper on our post-run tailgate plans. Tune in on Monday when I let you know how this all turned out.

But for now, this week’s installment of Friday Favorites!

Moose Tracks Snack Mix


Oh my gosh. Seriously guys, this stuff is ridiculous. Whenever I buy trail mix I find myself literally throwing away handfuls of raisins (#hatethem) in search of the good stuff (i.e. nuts and chocolate, basically). Well, I happened upon this bag of Moose Tracks Snack Mix in Duane Reade recently and it was love at first sight! I had this bag polished off by Tuesday.

Wedding Video

Okay, so I told you all about our March 2015 wedding, and I betcha thought I was done talking about it for awhile, right? Wrong 🙂

So one little extra detail about our day was that we didn’t a videographer. Honestly, it just wasn’t a priority and I knew we’d be much more inclined to scroll through all our photos here and there than to sit down and watch an actual video. (I also have yet to put together a wedding  photo album, but that is an entirely different story stemming from sheer laziness.)

During the wedding planning process, I heard about this video company Story Mix Media where you can rent cameras and video cameras to capture your event. Well my sister-in-law remembered me talking about it and cleverly coordinated this whole thing as a wedding gift from her, her boyfriend, my brother-in-law, and his girlfriend!

wedding video

We recently got the final cut (they were holding on to it for our 1-year anniversary) and I even more recently sat down to watch it. Tears and laughter the whole time!

wedding video 3

It’s basically an 18-minute highlight reel that includes the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, everyone getting ready in the morning, and bits and pieces from the ceremony and reception. I just know this is going to be so fun to watch in years to come and share with our kids one day! ❤

If you’re interested in seeing how it all comes together, this post shows a short 2-minute clip of the day.

Thanks again Alyssa, Nick, Justin, and Jess!

Custom Drawn Sheet Music

Speaking of weddings, this is last one guys, I PROMISE. I mentioned here that I was going to tell you what I got AJ for our one-year anniversary. I think the idea of gift themes is really cute so I wanted to stick with something “paper-y”. Well, his gift finally arrived on Wednesday, so I can tell you now, yay!

sheet music

My idea was to find sheet music of our first dance song, All of Me, that we could frame and then always have hung up on our house. After perusing Etsy for awhile, I came across the Gift of Music shop and thought this custom, hand-drawn sheet music would be perfect. I opted for the 18″ x 24″ display, which is a great size. I can’t wait to get it framed and displayed!

Spring Styles

For me, each change of season comes with an increased motivation to step up my wardrobe game. I like to kick off Spring with some new closet staples that make me feel good and are easy to just throw on and go. My latest Stitch Fix is certainly helping with that, but I’m always on the lookout for new cute outfit ideas.


This outfit popped up on my Instagram feed the other day and I think it is totes adorable! Particularly the top and shoes. Any idea where I can find some similar wedges?

I’ll leave you here today, hope you have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

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