Stretch It Out

I have to admit…I am TERRIBLE when it comes to doing pre- and post-workout stretches. I know, I know I could get hurt and it’s not good for me, but unless it’s built into my workout (like in my beloved Jillian Michaels DVDs), it’s most likely not going to happen.


Of course after my 10-miler on Sunday I did absolutely no stretching and I absolutely felt it in my legs the next day. I woke up early on Tuesday morning to fit in a light Nike Training Club workout, and this time I made sure to incorporate some stretching and it just felt heavenly.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite stretches/yoga moves:

Pretzel Stretch

This might be my all-time favorite stretch, it feels so good in the legs and glutes!

Downward Dog and Calf Stretch

My hamstrings were singing hallelujah during this one!

Tricep Stretch


Triangle Forward Bend

Child’s Pose

Because this is just basically laying on the ground, it’s my kind of move!

Happy Stretching! 🙂


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