Easy Cinco de Mayo Dinner Ideas

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’m clearly not of Mexican heritage, nor do I feel any strong ties to this particular holiday, but sometimes it’s fun to do a little celebrating, especially when good food is involved, right?


This year I’m opting for an old school taco kit with ground turkey for dinner. I’ve just been feeling tacos lately so this seems like the perfect excuse. I’ll top mine with shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and lots of avocado.


What goes great with stuffed tortilla shells? Margaritas! I grabbed a bottle of Skinny Girl just because and will be enjoying a glass (or two) with dinner.


Looking for some festive dinner ideas tonight? Here are some mouthwatering recipes to choose from!

And because it’s Thursday (aka, Friday eve), treat yourself to a fun post-work drink:

Don’t feel like cooking? Pick up some Chipotle and a Corona! (Hmm…maybe I should just do that instead 😉 )


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