Friday Favorites #22

Friday Favorites

TGIF!! What a week it has been. I’m still nursing a cold and have been pretty lazy most evenings to the point where I’ve just been heating up leftovers or making mac and cheese for dinner and am in bed by 9:30. Wednesday night we had a real meal from Home Chef, but that’s only because AJ made that while I laid on the couch 🙂

However, we have a fairly busy weekend ahead of us, my family is coming to visit for the day tomorrow! Unfortunately the weather is going to be pretty cold and rainy so my plans for the Central Park Zoo, exploring Riverside Park, and dining outdoors went out the window. Instead, we’re planning to visit the 9/11 Museum, (which I’m sure will be pretty depressing), ride the 6 train until the end of the line to see the beautiful, but abandoned City Hall Station, and I made reservations at a local Italian restaurant for dinner.

But you know the drill…a look at some of my favorites first!

Summer Shoes

During these lazy nights I’ve been doing a lot of online (window) shopping for summer shoes! I’m trying to find a sexy, strappy summer wedge or chunky heel. I love these shoes, but clearly not very practical for city walking, so they would just end up sitting in my closet.


These have all caught my eye, and I just have to make up my mind on which ones to buy already!

shoes 2
shoes 3

What shoes do you have your eyes on this summer?

Real Housewives of New York City


AJ was at a baseball game last night so that meant a Jamie night of Bravo TV! I caught up on several of the latest episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City and loved every second of it!


Fun fact: I spotted Countess Luann in Riverside Park one evening after work while out for a run, and rode the elevator with Bethenny in my office building last year. I tried to play it super cool both times.

Pizzeria Uno


Okay this is actually from about 2 weeks ago, but AJ and I had a Groupon to Pizzeria Uno (there is one nearby on the Upper West Side), so we went after work and actually…I loved it! I’m generally a thin crust kinda gal, but I was totally digging the thick, cheesy, pie-like goodness that is Chicago style pizza.



I came across this post on Instagram earlier in the  week and immediately took a screenshot because I think it’s a perfect reminder. As women especially, it’s so easy to look at someone else and think they’re prettier, thinner, fitter, etc., but we have to remember, whatever someone else has, it doesn’t take anything away from you. I was reminded of that quote, “The thief of joy is comparison.”

Alright, I’ll leave you all here. Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll catch up with you on Monday with a weekend recap 🙂

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