A Family Visit to the 9/11 Museum

Happy Monday! How did the weekend fly by so darn fast? I’m very much looking forward to the 3-day holiday weekend coming up, I’m sure our days will quickly fill up though We already have a double date on the calendar for Friday night, we talked about a wine tasting on Saturday, and a trip to Hoboken on Sunday, with some work sprinkled in there too, I’m sure.

But before all that, here’s a look at this past weekend!


As I mentioned, my family came to visit for the day on Saturday. I spent the morning prepping and cleaning and skipping my usual weekend workout since I’m trying to kick this cold! My parents, brother, sister, and brother-in-law arrived around 11am, and I had a light lunch of pulled pork and farro salad waiting.

I was hoping for a sunny, warm day where we could stay uptown, check out the Central Park Zoo, hang out in Riverside Park (my favorite!), and do some outdoor dining, but no dice with the weather.

So after lunch, we hopped the subway and made our way downtown to the 9/11 Museum. We went to the memorial a few years ago, but now that the museum is open to the public, it was something we all wanted to check out. We ended up spending at least 3 hours there, and is definitely something I recommend.

No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time.

An interesting fact: The shades of blue in this piece are taken from various pieces of art, where the artists depicted the shade of blue he or she saw the sky the morning of September 11th, before the attacks. Behind this wall are the remains of many who lost their lives at the WTC site.

For most of the tour, we couldn’t take photos, so I don’t have a ton to share. However, let me tell you that it was an extremely moving and powerful exhibit.



We all sort of lost each other as we made our way through, but all met up at the end.


I just couldn’t get over the number of artifacts and stories collected, and there were tears more than once. By the end, we were all tired and feeling a little heavy.


Afterwards, we made our way out to the reflecting pools that stand in the footprint of the towers. I used to work in the World Financial Center, right behind the WTC site right after college, back in 2007-2008, so every day I would see all the excavation that was still going on then, and the construction. It’s amazing to see how far the site has come, even since then.


We were glad for a little break before dinner but soon enough we were all hungry so we made our way to one of our neighborhood restaurants, Bella Luna. Everyone opted for pasta and raved about the food. (I’m about to dig into some of my leftovers!)


The day went by so fast, and before I knew it everyone was getting back in the car to make their way home to PA. My brother spent the night since he was meeting up with some friends in the city on Sunday.

I’m already looking forward to our trip home for Father’s Day next month!


Sunday started out early with church where we noticed a street festival being set up on Amsterdam Ave, so we decided to come back out later in the afternoon. After some reading, relaxing and napping we made our way to check it out.


A bowl of meatballs, a grilled corn on the cob, and a couple miles (and fish stores for AJ) later, we were back home for a lazy-ish night in.


Our eating habits were a little off yesterday since we went to the street fair around 3pm, so dinner consisted of leftovers, snacks, and wine.

And that wraps up our weekend! Happy Monday, make it a good week 🙂

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