A Sister Weekend in NYC

Hello, hello! Whew, it’s been a little while since I’ve checked in. That’s mostly because I have been battling a monster cold or something since the end of last week and I’m just starting to get my voice back since I lost it on Thursday night. I still have a super annoying cough and was one of those people on the subway yesterday who just could not get it under control. #Embarrassing

So, what’s been going on lately? Well my sister came to visit on Friday night for a little girls weekend! My cold was still at the beginning stages when she arrived, so even though I didn’t have much of a voice, I felt that I would be able to hang in for the weekend.

We had signed up for a 5K in Central Park on Saturday morning, but I was hesitant to run given my cough, so we opted to sleep in and then take a leisurely walk through Riverside Park. We ended up getting about 4 miles in and it felt great to get out in the sunshine.

Following our walk we opted to make brunch at home. I made a trip to Trader Joe’s after work on Friday while waiting for Bethany to arrive so I had plenty of goodies!


We whipped up some broccoli and cheese quiches, an arugula salad with a light homemade dijon dressing, a prosciutto, burrata, and arugula pizza, fresh berries, and we munched on quinoa and black bean tortilla chips and TJ’s guilt free guac (<– excellent!!). Of course we topped it all off with some bellinis – prosecco with Italian blood orange soda.

Once our bellies were sufficiently stuffed, we ventured back out for some manicures followed by a trip to HomeGoods for a few “essentials”!


Our afternoon of pampering and shopping wore us out so we headed back home for some cat naps and Netflix before dinner.

I was really excited to take Beth to the North River Lobster Company, which is a floating lobster shack on the Hudson River! Unfortunately it started raining during our cab ride there and didn’t let up for quite some time, so we couldn’t take advantage of the top deck seating, but we did snag a table by a window.


We settled in with ordering dinner – a lobster roll for Beth and a seafood taco trio for me, and sipped on some cocktails.

IMG_7855 (2)

Eventually the boat set sail and we enjoyed rainy views as we sailed uptown. At this point, it was raining pretty hard and I was starting to worry about how we would get home.

view of the Boat Basin on the UWS

We only had 1 umbrella with us and cabs are nearly impossible to get during downpours! Luckily, the rain did let up eventually, but we were still unsuccessful getting a cab, Uber came to the rescue and we were on our way home and ready for bed!

We had plans for church and brunch out on Sunday, but unfortunately I woke up feeling like garbage and had even less of a voice! 😦  I think I pushed myself too hard on Saturday, so we threw some cinnamon buns in the oven and Bethany fried up some turkey bacon while we stayed in our jammies all morning and binged on Friends episodes.


Eventually it was time to put on some real clothes and drop Beth off at Port Authority for her bus home. It was a great weekend, even if I was a bit of a party pooper on Sunday!


I spent the rest of the day coughing on the couch and watching even more Friends. Sometimes you just need a lazy day! It’s been a struggle trying to get through work this week with no voice and coughing fits, but I think (fingers crossed!) I’m turning a corner.

In other news, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that today is the 2 year anniversary of when AJ proposed! We don’t have much planned for today, but I do have a little surprise up my sleeve for us on Friday night 🙂


Hope you’re all having a great week!

3 thoughts on “A Sister Weekend in NYC

  1. Looks like you enjoyed your sister weekend inspite of a bad cold and some rain….but we did miss you at the crawfish festival…..
    And I will never forget that proposal day…….always makes me smile and feel so happy!


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