Treadmill Tuesdays: Incline Walking Workout

Guys, last night I saw the Christmas tree stand getting set up outside of my neighborhood¬†grocery store! I cannot wait to get our tree next week and spend some serious time transforming my apartment into a Christmas wonderland. But anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already started your … More Treadmill Tuesdays: Incline Walking Workout

Treadmill Tuesdays with a Rent the Runway Review!

Okay, first things first, today’s featured workout!¬†Just because bathing suit season is over doesn’t mean we can’t do a little ab work, right? I love my 15-minute circuit workouts and this one is even better because you don’t need any equipment. Just your abs and a mat or soft floor! Speaking of workouts, here’s a … More Treadmill Tuesdays with a Rent the Runway Review!